"I am the NES game, and I have come for you..."
Wrestlemania Steel Cage Challenge, more commonly known as simply "the NES Game", is a powerful recurring villain in ShadowSwine54. It appears to be a sentient video game with the goal of destroying Hulk Hogan

Lore Edit

Perhaps the most mysterious character in the entire series, the NES Game's origins are unknown. There is no known explanation for its supernatural abilities and paranormal disposition.

What is known, however, is the game has a burning hatred for Hulk Hogan and refuses to allow him to win. Ever since its first appearance in Hulk Hogan Rages After Losing a NES Game, Hulk Hogan has yet to win a match due to the NES Game purposefully resetting or glitching out. It also cannot be disposed of, as the NES Game always manages to find its way back into Hogan's life.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Being a sentient NES game cartridge, the NES Game has control over anything electrically attached to it. When wired up to a console, it can defeat many household members with ease. 

  • Wires- Regardless of what NES console the game is placed in (be it a top-loader or the default NES model), the NES Game can control its wires like tentacles and constrict its enemies. In the events of The Worst Gift Ever, it used its wires to hang Willie Nelson and violently swing Nashville.

The NES Game reigns triumphant over Hogan by constricting him.

  • Short Circutting- When the NES Game is inserted into a console that is plugged into an outlet, it can short circut the outlet and start a fire and/or an explosion. 
  • Immortality- Hulk Hogan has successfully disposed of the game many times, but it will always reappear regardless of what methods the hulkster used to defeat it. 

Notable Episodes Edit

Hulk Hogan Rages After Losing a NES Game- The NES Game is being played by Hulk Hogan in this episode and indirectly causes Hulk Hogan to enter a blind rage after losing a match. In this episode, it does not display any supernatural qualities. 

Hulk Hogan Rages After Losing a NES Game Again- Hulk Hogan wakes up with the game in his bed. He attempts to get rid of it many times, but it manages to keep coming back into his life. Hogan tries to play the NES Game and virtually defeat it, though it keeps glitching and freezing before he can score a pinfall. In the end, the game quite literally beats Hogan. 
Screenshot 2017-12-03 at 5.08.45 PM

Hulk Hogan defeated by The NES Game

The Worst Gift Ever- The NES Game is gifted to Hulk Hogan by Macho Man. It caused mass chaos in the household and winds up setting the room on fire. After pummeling all of the crew, it is defeated by Santa before vanishing until its next appearance.

Trivia Edit

  • On screen, the NES Game is the oldest known enemy of Hulk Hogan if you count its first appearance during which it wasn't a supernatural being.
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