"I hate faggots!"

Willie Nelson is a major protagonist of the ShadowSwine series, often giving Hulk Hogan helpful advice and assisting the crew in fights when he deems it necessary.

Lore Edit

Before his ShadowSwine days, Willie Nelson was a famous country music singer. His life went downhill ever since he was caught smoking weed in the White House, and he was forced to abandon his previous life and move near the also-exiled Hulk Hogan.

Willie Nelson almost always has Hulk Hogan's back in the wrestler's everyday life. When it seems as if the hulkster is about to be overpowered by an enemy, Willie very frequently swoops in to defend him. When he does fight, Willie Nelson will use sharp kitchen utensils such as knives to violently maim his opponent.

Willie has expressed strong outspoken disgust towards homosexual individuals. There have been multiple episodes in which he has declared his hate for gay people. He was the first to react violently at the news of Wario's pregnancy and was very enthusiastic about terminating the unborn child. Willie Nelson is also a known consumer of human flesh, though in Secret of the Hogan Cubes he made a point of denying that he continues to do so.

Willie Nelson appears to be in the process of medical treatment for multiple sclerosis, as in The Pawn Shop Episode he was completely immobile from it but has later been able to transport himself via walking once again. He also possesses hypersensitivity to sudden shifts in elevation. In such cases, his ears "pop", which causes him great anguish.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Willie Nelson can hold his own quite well in combat. He has overpowered and murdered the likes of Wario before, and has even fought on par with Hulk Hogan many times in the past.

  • Kicking- Willie is an experienced kicker. He can also use his powerful legs to launch his body over long distances.
  • Sharp Weapon Experience- Willie Nelson often uses sharp kitchen utensils to attack his enemies.
  • The Power Within- A phenomena in which Willie Nelson begins to chant "the power within" while levitating and radiating a menacing green aura along with what appears to be the unconscious conjuring of malevolent spirits. When in this state, he can emit a blast of dark energy from his mouth. Willie Nelson does appear to be knowledgeable of this state to a small extent, but he does not recall the events that take place after he enters it. In Hulk Hogan Hates iHob, he entered a pseudo form of this state in which he levitated and was granted a power boost, but did not express any energy-related powers nor did he chant. In both the psuedo occurrence and the complete "form" of power within, Willie releases a demonic roar.

Willie Nelson fires a beam of energy in his "Power Within" state

Notable Appearances Edit

Universe Collision- Willie Nelson made his first appearance in this episode when he came into Hulk Hogan's apartment after hearing ruckus caused by Wolverine fighting Hogan. Though it seemed Wolverine killed him and his corpse was stuffed away, Willie miraculously survived and now lives in the apartment as a permanent member of the household.

Hogan Halloween Special Part 1: Willie's Weed- Under the influence of marijuana, Willie Nelson mistook the burglarizing Creepy Cronk and Crazy Clown as "almighty flying Pikachus". The two muggers played along and managed to extort Willie into handing over Hulk Hogan's jewels. The mugger monsters declared they would return for Willie to help organize a surprise party, and it is assumed they kidnapped him based on the strife in Part 2.

Hogan Halloween Special Part 2: Voodoo Returns; A Friend is Lost- Willie was implied to be kidnapped by the muggers in the previous episode and is now being held as a hostage. He was castrated by Crazy Clown after Voodoo Hoodie Hogan was beaten and has not fully recovered since then.

Hulk Hogan HATES iHob- Just before Wario attempts to deliver the finishing blow to Hulk Hogan, Willie Nelson levitates onto the scene, yells out his hate for homosexuals, and attacks the transvestite with a pizza cutter. Wario is then cooked and eaten by Willie and the hulkster.

Trivia Edit

  • The doll used for Willie Nelson was in the poorest shape of all props, being held together by duct tape and a sock. There was even a sighting of a small fly in his beard.
    • As of June 2018, the Willie Nelson doll has been refurbished. 
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