Who Shot Hulk Hogan? is an episode of ShadowSwine54's YouTube series. It continues the story set by the second chronological episode, Hulk Hogan Meets Hornswoggle, and it is the third episode in the Hogan Cubes Arc.


The InterviewEdit

The episode opens with Hulk Hogan reminding the audience of the events that occurred in Episode 2, where he was shot after defeating the misunderstood Hornswoggle. The hulkster informs his audience that a hunt to find the mysterious shooter will take place.

A scene of Hornswoggle loudly repeating "I didn't shoot nobody!" played until he was escorted out and the camera cut to Rey Mysterio, who announced he would be interviewing suspects of the shooting. Stone Cold and Sin Cara are sitting across from Rey, awaiting their trial. The two argue and bicker with each other until Rey Mysterio asks the first question: "Where were you on the night of the shooting?". 

Stone Cold states that he was in his home, asleep. Sin Cara, on the other hand, screams and thrashes about, and when prompted to answer the question, spouts gibberish. After more arguing, Sin Cara gets unmasked by Stone Cold. He enters a rage state and is escorted out. 

Screenshot 2017-01-25 at 7.20.25 PM

The masked man caught in the act of spying.

Willie Nelson is brought in, but the interview does not progress due to more drama being conceived between Stone Cold and him. Rey Mysterio concludes the interview and is saddened to say the shooter was never identified. Hulk Hogan walks in and ponders who the shooter could have been.

Stone Cold exclaims "Oh God, What the shit is that?" as everyone gasps at the site of a strange masked man spying on the company. He runs off and Hulk Hogan pursues the man. With help from Sonic, he transforms into Hoodie Hogan and follows the intruder into the basement.

The Battle In The BasementEdit

Hulk Hogan, now in his Hoodie form, is ambushed by the man. Hoodie Hogan is thrown into hampers, slammed into lockers, and beat with a baseball bat. He continued to get pummeled by the masked man, and is even sprayed in the face with a lysol can. After taking an immense beating, Hoodie Hogan begins to "hulk-up": the trademark ability Hogan used in his wrestling career in which he miraculously gains more strength. With this new power he defeats the masked man.

Upon having his mask removed, the man vanishes, leaving behind clothes only. Hulk Hogan is extremely confused, and the episode ends with that cliffhanger. Due to his assassin-like temperament, the masked man is widely accepted to be The Shooter.


The episode was extremely well received universally. Many agreed that the buildup was executed in a compelling manner, and the battle towards the end was well worth the two and a half year wait.

Trivia Edit

  • When Hulk Hogan hoodievolved, he grunted "This gets harder every time.", a reference to how the hoodie slowly became looser over the course of the series, making it more difficult to fit the Hulk Hogan tonka inside.
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