"I'll finish you off, Hoodie Hogan!"
Whimsical Whiskers was one of the Mugger Monster antagonists of the Hogan Halloween Specials before he met his doom by the hand of Stone Cold.

Lore Edit

Whimsical Whiskers was a cat-human lab abomination of largely unknown origins that was outed from human civilization. For a large portion of his life, he lived on the streets, where he developed an aptitude for mugging and burglarizing. Eventually the Mugger Monsters got word of his exploits and took him in.

He held the position of a "shooter", or a bodyguard of Creepy Cronk and Crazy Clown. During the Mugger Monsters' final operation against Hulk Hogan, Whimsical Whiskers was partnered with the Wolfman.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Whimsical Whiskers was a formidable foe of the ShadowSwine Crew, as he was strong enough to cause problems for Stone Cold.

Hand-to-Hand Combat- Whimsical Whiskers was very skilled in CQC, especially with grappling moves and knockout blows.

Stealth & Infiltration Experience- Whimsical Whiskers was recruited by the Mugger Monsters because of his exceptional skill level in stealth operations. Additionally, he is capable of picking locks.

Filmography Edit

Hogan Halloween Special Part 5: Ground Zeroes- Whimsical Whiskers and the Wolfman sneak into the ShadowSwine Crew's house and later their garage, where they rendezvous with Creepy Cronk and Crazy Clown. They later discuss their upcoming mission.

Hogan Halloween Special Finale: Part 1- Whimsical Whiskers fought off Stone Cold to protect the Mugger Monsters from being discovered. Later on, he attempts to finish Hoodie Hogan but is killed by Stone Cold's signature stunner after the Texas Rattlesnake rushes onto the battlefield.

Trivia Edit

  • The concept of Whimsical Whiskers' character is as a play on the whole "cat burglar" persona, as he is a literal cat burglar.
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