"American alcohol? Ugh! Where's the sake?!"
Weeaboo Hoodie Hogan is the dangerously powerful upgraded form of the standard Hoodie Hogan. It is the third hoodie ascension that Hulk Hogan acquires, and it is the equivalent of Voodoo Hoodie Hogan in terms of power.

Lore Edit

The Weeaboo form of Hoodie Hogan came into existence after Hulk Hogan received a japanese-imported katana for his birthday. The blade, which earned the title of The Sword of 1000 People, appeared to act as a catalyst, since it synced with his Hoodie Hogan form and caused the hulkster to achieve an even greater power boost.

When he becomes Weeaboo Hoodie Hogan, Hulk Hogan is granted the power of all previous wielders of the sword and is even able to speak Japanese in short bursts. It appears he also inherits the skill of the previous wielders, as Weeaboo Hoodie Hogan shows considerable sword-fighting dexterity.

One drawback of the form is Weeaboo Hoodie Hogan's sudden distaste for non-Japanese culture. He tends to only prefer things of originating from Japan, such as anime and saké as opposed to cartoons and beer. Weeaboo Hoodie Hogan grows violent and enraged if one does not express knowledge of Japanese culture.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Weeaboo Hoodie Hogan's power far surpasses that of his normal Hoodie Hogan form. He completely overpowered the Reaper with little to no difficulty and was only able to be subdued through the act of Seppuku.

Sword Skill- Weeaboo Hoodie Hogan wields the Sword of 1000 People, a deadly katana than can easily cut through reinforced steel.

Increased Fighting Power- The transformation grants Hogan a greater power level than his previous hoodievolution stage.


Darth Vader is brutally executed by Weeaboo Hoodie Hogan.

Notable Episodes Edit

A Kawaii Birthday- Hulk Hogan unintentionally unlocks the form after wielding the Sword of 1000 People in his hoodie form. He enters an uncontrollable rampage and winds up battling the Reaper, whom he defeats. Hulk Hogan then decides to commit Seppuku in order to damage the host and regain control over his own body.

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