"Even though I am a woman, I can still kick your butt..."
Wario is a meth-addicted overweight transvestite who serves as a recurring antagonist in the ShadowSwine54 series.

Lore Edit

It is unclear how or why Wario became a constant snorter of crystal Methamphetamine, but this very addiction brought about his downfall as a sane human being. Ever since Wario's first purchase of meth from Hulk Hogan, he has become a member of daily household life and has continued to make trouble for Hogan despite the crew's numerous attempts at murdering him.

Wario identifies as a female, and has undergone drastic genital surgery to be able to bear children. He is currently in a very sexual relationship with Darth Vader, who he fornicates with very frequently regardless of location or time. Wario is a victim of AIDS.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Wario is dangerously powerful and has been able to take down even the likes of Rick O' Chan. He relies on brute strength and his bodily fluids to defeat his opponents.

  • AIDS Juice- a sickeningly corrosive enzyme Wario can produce that rapidly wears down his target's body.
  • AIDS blood- Wario has threatened to cut himself on Rick's sword and rub it on the Chinese mercenary.

Notable Appearances Edit

Hulking Bad- Wario ordered meth from Hulk Hogan after the wrestler put an ad out on the newspaper. He was stabbed to death by Willie Nelson after refusing to pay the dealers on the day of purchase.

Hulk Hogan HATES iHob- Wario was tricked by Hulk Hogan to believe that the hulkster possessed an oven from the iHob diner chain. He was brutally assaulted and cannibalized at the video's end.

Hulk Hogan Reviews Incredibles 2- Wario announces to the crew that he has been impregnated by Darth Vader. Through the combined efforts of Hulk Hogan, Willie Nelson, and Macho Man, the baby is forced from Wario's womb and smothered to death. Wario is then fed to Synthetic Stone Cold along with his deceased child.

Hulk Hogan Endorses #MeToo- Wario, having been left alone with Willie Nelson, decided to violently rape Willie with help from Darth Vader. He was later assaulted and hung by Hulk Hogan in an act of revenge.

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