"I need something more powerful, like voodoo...VOODOO!"- Hoodie Hogan
The Voodoo Heart is a catalytic trinket used by Hulk Hogan to amplify his voodoo. Like other voodoo trinkets, it provides dark aura to anyone that wears it in the same manner of a necklace. Seasoned voo-doers such as The Reaper do not need to wear the heart in order to execute dangerous voodoo techniques, as they already harbor a massive amount of aura. 

Hulk Hogan no longer requires the Voodoo Heart to perform his dark magic, but it is still necessary for its second purpose: a catalyst that triggers the Voodoo Hoodie Hogan transformation.  

Lore Edit

The Voodoo Heart first came into the household as part of a voodoo beginner's kit that Hulk Hogan ordered unspecifically from Hillbilly Jim. Jim retrieved the heart during his voo-doer induction ceremony in Africa but found no use in it due to his quick mastery of the art.

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