"I'm a little too old to be doing this type of hand-to-hand combat, so it looks like I'm gonna have to use another method."- Hillbilly Jim
Voodoo is a powerful technique that involves the harnessing of dark spiritual energy for a multitude of purposes, more often than not combat-related ones.


Conceiving Voodoo Edit

During the peak of his wrestling career, veteran Hillbilly Jim practiced black magic and various forms of witchcraft to enhance his fighting capabilities. He eventually discovered a form of spellcasting that utilized dark aura to move objects without having to make physical contact with them. This was none other than the art of Voodoo. Upon further experimentation Jim was able to use Voodoo in ways he never expected, such as manifesting various concentrations of energy (ex. Lightning, Fire) to expel at an enemy, telekinetically flinging objects around the area, or even enhancing one's strikes with dark aura to deal massive damage.

The Rise and Fall of The Reaper Edit

Hillbilly Jim realized he had discovered a powerful technique that could have major consequences if the wrong hands got a hold of it, so he kept Voodoo a secret to the best of his ability and only practiced more advanced forms of Voodoo in his visits to tribal Africa. In America, specifically Kentucky, Hillbilly Jim did not make a public spectacle of his power. That is, until his apprentice Cletus O'Donnel wished to learn the more powerful Voodoo. Jim cautiously taught his student, and his suspicions unfortunately came true as one day his student rebelled against him. An epic Voodoo-based battle occurred, which ended with Jim using Voodoo Fire to scorch his former apprentice. Jim believed Cletus to have been killed, but his apprentice lives on due to a Reanimation Voodoo spell that he had cast on himself. Horribly disfigured for life, Cletus took on the identity of the Reaper: a powerful mercenary hired by monsters around the world. Reaper also spread word of Voodoo and taught it as if he were the inventor of the technique.

Voodoo Spreads Edit

Hillbilly Jim, upon reaching the highest level of Voodoo power possible, retired to Louisiana. He then opened up a shop for various Voodoo trinkets and accessories. Hulk Hogan himself purchases many voodoo related objects from Hillbilly Jim in an effort to master it. Learning how to use Voodoo is not an easy task to complete, which explains the severe scarcity of successful Voodooists.

Types of Voodoo Edit

Projectile Voodoo Edit

The manifesting of dark energy into various elements is known as Projectile Voodoo. The Reaper is a strong user of this type of Voodoo, as he wields Voodoo Lightning and Voodoo Fire frequently. Hillbilly Jim's Voodoo Nova appears to be the most powerful application of Projectile Voodoo.

Telekinetic Voodoo Edit

Telekinetic Voodoo involves the use of dark energy to fling or pelt objects at an enemy. It can also fling the enemy if the user possesses the skill to do so. For example, Hulk Hogan demonstrated this ability on John Cena in Hulk Hogan Does Voodoo by launching him at a wall and dropping books on him.

Reanimation VoodooEdit

Voodoo is able restore life to a corpse. This technique, known as Reanimation Voodoo, has been used on Nashville in Prologue of The Hogan Cubes, Reaper by himself in his past, and Hulk Hogan in Secret of the Hogan Cubes. Reanimation Voodoo must be done using a catalyst such as the Voodoo Heart, lest the one casting the spell will have to forfeit their own soul to rekindle the dead's life force. Hillbilly Jim had no choice but to cast Reanimation Voodoo in this manner in order to resurrect Hulk Hogan. 

Voodoo Teleportation Edit

Voodoo that is capable of transporting an individual to a select location. Hillbilly Jim and the Reaper utilized Voodoo Teleportation in Secret of the Hogan Cubes.

Human Form & Voodoo Hoodie Form Edit

When extremely refined Voodoo is combined with the energy of the Hogan Cubes, the Human form can be achieved for Hulk Hogan. Hillbilly Jim was the only person capable of refining Voodoo to the extent that it could be infused with a weapon to be used for triggering the transformation.

Less-refined Voodoo bound to a catalyst such as the Voodoo Heart will trigger a half perfected form when combined with Hoodie Power. Voodoo Hoodie Hogan is an example of such an occurrence. It is important to note that the Human form 'consumes' the Voodoo, which explains the massive boost in physical power that it grants, while the Voodoo Hoodie form 'wields' the Voodoo, explaining Hogan's ability to cast powerful spells while transformed.

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