Voodoo is a powerful technique that involves the harnessing of dark spiritual energy for a multitude of purposes, more often than not combat-related ones.


Conceiving Voodoo Edit

During the peak of his wrestling career, veteran Hillbilly Jim practiced black magic and various forms of witchcraft to enhance his fighting capabilities. He eventually discovered a form of spellcasting that utilized dark aura to move objects without having to make physical contact with them. This became known as Hoodoo, the most basic form of Voodoo. Upon further experimentation Jim was able to use Hoodoo in ways he never expected, such as manifesting various concentrations of energy (ex. Lightning, Fire) to expel at an enemy, telekinetically flinging objects around the area, or even enhancing one's strikes with dark aura to deal massive damage.

The Rise and Fall of The Reaper Edit

Hillbilly Jim realized he had invented a powerful technique that could have major consequences if the wrong hands got a hold of it, so he kept Voodoo a secret to the best of his ability. That is, until his apprentice wished to learn the ways of dark magic. Jim cautiously taught his student Voodoo. His suspicions unfortunately came true, as one day the student rebelled against Hillbilly Jim. An epic Voodoo-based battle occurred, which ended with Jim using Voodoo Fire to scorch his former apprentice. Horribly disfigured and defeated, the apprentice fled and took on the identity of The Reaper. Reaper spread the word of Voodoo and taught it as if he was the inventor of the technique.

Voodoo Spreads Edit

Hillbilly Jim went into hiding, as he feared the world was doomed with people learning about Voodoo. He does not refuse to promote it, however. Hulk Hogan himself purchases many voodoo related objects from Hillbilly Jim in an effort to master it. Learning how to use Voodoo is not an easy task to complete, which explains the severe scarcity of successful Voodooists.

Types of Voodoo Edit

Projectile Voodoo- The manifesting of dark energy into various elements is known as Projectile Voodoo. The Reaper is a strong user of this type of Voodoo, as he wields Voodoo Lightning and Voodoo Fire frequently.


Reaper cloaks himself in Voodoo Fire

Screenshot 2017-04-10 at 6.43.01 PM

Reaper's use of Voodoo Lightning

Telekinetic Voodoo- Telekinetic Voodoo involves the use of dark energy to fling or pelt objects at an enemy. It can also fling the enemy if the user possesses the skill to do so. For example, Hulk Hogan demonstrated this ability on John Cena in Hulk Hogan Does Voodoo by launching him at a wall and dropping books on him.


A water bottle levitates above Creepy Cronk before it is flung at him due to Voodoo Hoodie Hogan's use of Telekinetic Voodoo.

Reanimation Voodoo- Voodoo can also restore life to a corpse. This technique, known as Reanimation Voodoo, has been used on Nashville in Prologue of The Hogan Cubes. Those affected by Reanimation Voodoo will perish when the caster's life ends.

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