Universe Collision is an episode of ShadowSwine54's YouTube series.  

Plot Edit

With a dream of winning every title in WWF/WWE history so he can fix his career, Hulk Hogan builds a Time Machine that can bring him back to the past. However, similar to what happened in Prequel of The Hogan Cubes, something goes wrong and a tear to a different dimension causes X-men enforcer Wolverine to warp to Hogan's world. They engage in a fight, but Wolverine gets the upper hand. Just before the final blow is struck, Hulk Hogan's neighbor Willie Nelson interrupts the bout, and he attacks them both. The domestic violence continues, and Hulk Hogan's household friend Sin Cara joins in as well.

After Wolverine seemingly kills Willie Nelson, Hulk Hogan attempts to throw him back into the time machine and warp him back to his world. It fails to do so, leaving Wolverine stuck with Hulk Hogan for the rest of his life. The two then try to hide Willie Nelson's "corpse" while acting casual in front of the camera.

Reception Edit

The episode received praise for the new main characters introduced in it, but the crew disliked the poor resolution. Universe Collision is also bashed for constant line mess-ups.

Trivia Edit

  • Wolverine and Willie Nelson's appearances were supposed to be exclusive to this video only. However, the they were immensely popular among the audience and thus were introduced into the main cast.
  • The Background Music (BGM) is WWE superstar Ryback's theme song, "Meat".
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