"I'm pretty excited, but I would be more excited if I wasn't confined to this damn box!"
Undertaker in a Box (also known as simply Undertaker Box or Boxed Undertaker) is a member of the Plastic Alliance. He possesses the role of Second-in-Command among his plastic associates, with General Husk as the current leader.

Lore Edit

Expert voodooist Hillbilly Jim once took a disciple under his wing: one who displayed immense voodoo potential. This apprentice, Undertaker, appeared to only show interest in using voodoo for malicious purposes instead of maintaining a balance between light and darkness. Since Undertaker's power was too great to engage in an all-out voodoo battle (lest the planet be destroyed), Jim decided to render him incapable of attacking and/or being attacked. As a result, Hillbilly Jim had permanently sealed Undertaker inside of a box through an S-Class voodoo spell.

Now a miniaturized inside of an indestructible box, Undertaker partnered with the Plastic Alliance in hopes that he may one day find a method of reversing the spell and unleashing his voodoo upon the world at full force.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Undertaker in a Box could possibly be a world-ending threat if ever released from his confines. His current state, however, does not possess nearly as much fighting power as his defensive capabilities.

Invincibility- Undertaker in a Box is impervious to all damage due to the box he is sealed inside of.

Voodoo- Before his imprisonment, Undertaker in a Box was said to capable of unparalleled voodoo that could rival the likes of Hillbilly Jim.

Trivia Edit

  • The character of Undertaker in a Box, up until his first appearance, was a recurring gag amongst the writers due to the ridiculousness that would be introducing a boxed action figure as an actual character.
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