"I didn't know...that there wasn't no..Train...."- The First Ever Train

A "train" is any mispronunciation, words not meant to be spoken, sudden change of words, or mess-up in a sentence spoken by a shadowswine character, often when the voice actor is tired or ran out of words.

Origin Edit


The first ever train spoken was in an unaired episode where Darth Vader started a 2,000 year war against the world. Hulk Hogan set out to fight vader once and for all, but the voice actor ran out of words to say, and just said "I didn't know that there wasn't no....Train...". Nobody knows why he said this or what he meant. 

List of Trains Edit

"I didn't know that there wasn't no...train..."- Hulk Hogan in Darth Vader Attacks

"Ehhh You ain't getting away with dat no too sooneutter"- Willie Nelson in Universe Collision

"No please brudder don't gill me"- Hulk Hogan in Universe Collision 

"I am Hogie Hoodie, I mean Hoodie Hogan"- Hoodie Hogan in all of his major appearences

"That's a nice...a Willie Nelson.."- Hulk Hogan in Hogan Halloween special part 2

"Yes, but I think we just beat them though"- Creepy Cronk in Hogan Halloween special part 2

"Where did I put that....Train..."- Hulk Hogan in A Feen Is Born

"I'm a new shardashadowswine..."-Bear H

"Oi vey Hulk Hogan, you do need some 'fordm' of life- Popeye in The Ultimate Battle

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