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ShadowSwine54's colorful cast has garnered much positive reception from its very niche audience. The following are ten of the channel's most popular characters among its fans.

10) PopeyeEdit


"Oi Vey!"

There's just something loveable about everyone's favorite sailor man, even if he is actually the delusional nephew of said sailor man that goes by the same name. Popeye, whose true name is Pipeye, is the general manager of ShadowSwine54's Second Wing. Whether he's giving Hulk Hogan some sage advice or slacking off alongside his employees, Popeye always seems to be stealing the spotlight. Even his pained screams seem to be quite iconic for some dark reason.

9) Birthday Bear Edit

Birf Bear

"Happy Birthday..."

Similar to Popeye, this pint-sized grizzly just caught on. Birthday Bear is a literal party animal, as he tends to always show up whenever a Christmas celebration is nearby. He has been the subject of fan-made creations in the past, which in quite unexpected for a character with no significant screen-time. Birthday Bears just seems to have a certain aura about him that the ShadowSwine fanbase appreciates.

8) Stone Cold Edit


"I don't want any of your damn Jehova!"

The Texas Rattlesnake has been around for a long time in ShadowSwine, and he's not going anywhere. Stone Cold has appeared in some of the best battles the channel has to offer, but his fighting style isn't the only thing that distinguishes the wrestler. His many personalities, such as Stone Cold Steve Jojo, Stone Cold Reporter Steve Austin, or even his normal buffoonish self all happen to catch on with the fans. Whenever Stone Cold appears, you just know he's about to do something that'll cause laughter for years to come.

7) Sonic Edit

Screenshot 2019-04-04 at 5.40.21 PM

"Oh shit, where the hell am I?"

Always delivering the Hogan Cubes in the nick of time (until Hogan absorbed them into his body, apparently), Sonic is an indispensable ally to the ShadowSwine Crew. What is really liked about him is not his usefulness, however. Sonic's mental handicap appears to render him a laughingstock to fans. This slow, dunce-minded hedgehog grows duller with every episode, constantly embarrassing himself for everyone's amusement.

6) Wolverine Edit


"Believe in the heart of the cards!"

If you thought Sonic had a few screws loose, Wolverine is on a whole different plane. Wolverine's descent into madness can be observed by watching his appearances in order, to which the viewer will then realize he has gone absolutely psycho due to the Coke a Cola Time Machine's radiation. Apparently this is funny, as many of Wolverines crazed actions have been noted to generate much laughter among fans. It's all fun and games until Wolverine winds up losing his last grip on reality and goes feral, however.

5) Hulk Hogan Edit

Screenshot 2019-04-04 at 5.57.59 PM

"Let me tell you something, Brother."

As the series protagonist, Hogan was bound to make the list. Hulk Hogan has something to offer the fans every episode. The list of iconic Hulk Hogan quotes is endless. Even when he silently stares without dialogue, you can hear laughter on the set. Perhaps being the main character comes with some strange charisma that fans just can't resist liking.

4) Wario Edit


"Ergh, ergh...I am pregnant!"

While Darth Vader is iconic in his own right, his boyfriend Wario is much more crude and disturbing. This overweight transvestite has performed many filthy yet epochal acts in his filmography, such as spewing AIDS infected saliva or giving birth to some inhuman abomination. The character of Wario can be compared to a trainwreck: a horrible sight but certainly difficult to look away from.

3) Creepy Cronk Edit


"I guess you will make a fine...HOGAN STEAK!"

It cannot be debated that the Mugger Monsters are ShadowSwine54's most recognized villains. Creepy Cronk, who can be seen as second in command, takes the cake in terms of popularity. This head-bobbing, green-skinned butler with a German accent has spawned numerous inside jokes among the fans, and his quotes are still repeated even years after his death. In fact, Creepy Cronk's character was so well-received that the crew was planning to revive him for the Hogan Halloween Horrors had they not lost his prop.

2) Willie Nelson Edit


"I hate faggots!"

This bug-eyed hillbilly steals the show with every appearance. Willie Nelson, especially after getting some well-deserved spotlight in 'Hulk Hogan HATES iHob', has cemented himself as a fan-favorite through all of his unfiltered and outright wacky dialogue as well as his violent disposition towards homosexual individuals. Willie's presence has undoubtedly made the series what it is today and will continue to keep fans very entertained.

1) Rick O' Chan Edit

Screenshot 2019-04-04 at 6.24.01 PM

"Watch where you're going, ya fool!"

Originally meant to be a parody of the character Di Lung from Courage the Cowardly Dog, Rick O' Chan has cemented his spot as the most popular character of ShadowSwine54. The reception of his character was surprising to even the producers, who expected Rick to be a one-time gag. When polled, the majority of ShadowSwine's fanbase chose Rick as their favorite. In response to this, usage of Rick O' Chan was given much more priority, as he has now become a major member of the ShadowSwine Crew.

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