Toon Wolverine is NWO Hogan's right hand man and one of the main antagonists of the Hogan Cubes Arc.

Lore Edit

A multiversal counterpart of Wolverine, Toon Wolverine exists to serve NWO Hogan as a high-ranking member of the New World Order. It is believed he was born into a war-torn nation and suffered a traumatic childhood as a result, but was rescued and mentored by NWO Hogan.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Sharp Claws- Toon Wolverine possesses an adamantium skeleton that can extend out from his wrist in the form of claws.

Filmography Edit

Hulk Hogan Gets The Plague- At the episode's epilogue, Toon Wolverine is shown with NWO Hogan lurking outside of Hulk Hogan's bedroom. Toon Wolverine suggests they strike Hogan while security is minimal, but NWO Hogan informs him that the possibility lies later down the line.

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