The Wrath of Stone Cold is the second Christmas Special in the ShadowSwine54 series.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Darth Vader interviewing Hulk Hogan. The hulkster explains how he is going to stay up late to catch Santa in action and ask for his autograph. Darth Vader states that Hulk Hogan's plan is a good idea. With liquor and pillows, Hulk Hogan creates a fort under the living room table. Sonic interrupts Hogan's vlog and repeatedly states his desire to see Santa.

The video is skipped forward to Santa's arrival. Sonic mistakes Santa for a robber and brutally swings an oriental stool at him, knocking him out and giving Santa severe brain damage that will later become a key role in the Christmas Specials. Willie Nelson stumbles onto the scene and panics at the sight of a possibly dead Santa Claus. Hulk Hogan labels him as a witness and attacks Willie.

Another possible witness, Birthday Bear, is forced quiet when Hulk Hogan puts a cookie in his mouth. All is quiet until Stone Cold shows up and vows to avenge Santa. After Hulk Hogan gets pummeled for a few minutes, Sonic gives him The Hogan Cubes, transforming the hulkster into Hoodie Hogan. A battle ensues between the two titans. At one point the Host of Hoodie Hogan deems Hulk Hogan unworthy of lending its power to him and rampages, damaging all combatants.

Events transpire and Santa flees the household, disoriented. Angry at the lack of gifts, Willie Nelson angrily calls for Hulk Hogan.

Reception Edit

The episode was very well received. The Wrath of Stone Cold was praised for its blend of action and humor, though the rushed ending may have marred some potential for a 10/10 episode.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode to feature Birthday Bear.
  • This is ShadowSwine54's last video of 2014.
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