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The Worst Gift Ever is both the third Christmas special and the third episode in the NES Game Arc.


The episode opens up with Willie Nelson, John Cena, and Hulk Hogan praising their "Christmas tree". Joshachu states that the so-called "tree" is a mere image on a television, and Nashville comedically remarks that he appreciates the nonexistent tree. Hulk Hogan tries to explain the budget issues the crew is currently having, but he comes off as a hypocrite when he reveals that he ordered 25 boxes of sushi recently.

CM Punk tries to ruin the Christmas spirit by spouting liberal nonsense, but he is forcefully hushed by Hulk Hogan, who demands his Christmas gift. Macho Man shows up and bestows unto Hulk Hogan a card with the recurring haunted NES Game, Wrestlemania Steel Cage Challenge, inside of it. Hulk Hogan tries to convince the crew that the game is evil, but is not worried due to the fact that he threw out the console that it can be played on. Sonic interrupts to inform Hulk Hogan that he found the console in the garbage can, and everyone holds Hulk Hogan down as Macho Man boots up the game.

A few minutes into the game have passed, and already things get wild. The outlet in which the NES is plugged into begins to spark, and John Cena unfortunately gets caught up in the outlet's explosion. The apartment catches on fire and the NES, along with the game inside of it, comes to life. It reveals itself as Wrestlemania Steel Cage Challenge, and one by one it attacks the crew members mercilessly. Nashville rushes in with his katana but is ultimately defeated. Hulk Hogan wishes that Santa would show up and put an end to the chaos.

Just then, Santa slithers up the stairs, but much to everyone's distress, he violently attempts to cannibalize Willie Nelson. A battle ensues between Santa and the aggravated NES Game, with Santa emerging the victor thanks to his use of Christmas magic. Joshachu contemplates wishing for either world peace or ending world hunger, but Santa replies "Shut up faggot, I'm just gonna rebuild your house". The fire is put out and a the crew members got new gifts, except for John Cena. Macho Man tries to cheer John Cena up by giving him a lifetime supply of Slim Juice, causing Cena to regurgitate.


The episode was generally well received. Its use of past running gags as well as introducing new gags captivated the audience, but it was criticised for inconsistency in special effect quality.


  • This episode is both the third Christmas special and the third episode in the NES Game arc.
  • The soundtrack used for Nashville's fight scene was the OST for Killer Bee VS Sasuke in the anime series Naruto: Shippuuden.
  • Santa's line: "Shut up faggot, I'm just gonna rebuild your house." became an iconic quote and inside joke between the cast members.
  • Wolverine was scheduled to make an appearance in this episode but did not show up due to conflicts with the writers.