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"I wonder if I have any kids..."

The Wolfman (T. Wolfmann) is a major character in the ShadowSwine54 series. He attacks Hulk Hogan and his friends at often inconvenient moments. As the series progresses, he begins to fight alongside the ShadowSwine Crew, though only to protect the household that he illegally dwells within.  


It is unknown where exactly he came from, but the Wolfman found his way to the ShadowSwine Crew's house and marked it as a spot to ransack. In the prequel events of The Ultimate Battle, it is revealed that he had initially pilfered the crew's funds, leaving claw marks behind as evidence of his burglary. Hoodie Hogan managed to defeat him, but the Wolfman had only just begun his streak of terror on the household. The Wolfman, though strong enough to operate on his own, is no lone wolf when a chance to kill Hulk Hogan arrives, as he had been involved with both the Mugger Monsters and the Alliance in an effort to defeat the hulkster.

He continues to both terrorize and freeload off the crew. It is implied that much of his time is spent in the basement due to the crew cleverly leading him both in and out for their own convenience by using the door's one-sided locking mechanic.

The Wolfman appears to have gained more "privilege" within the household after the second poor era, as he now owns and operates an automobile that is parked at the apartment. He is also seen dwelling more frequently outside of the basement, with access to the ShadowSwine Crew's refrigerator as a source of nourishment and access to their recording technology in order to host his own "Wolfman Podcast". It is unclear if any of this is at the ShadowSwine Crew's consent, but they do not appear to object. He appears to possess an odd fascination with canned Cool Whip, as he is observed to be retrieving it from the fridge and "wielding" it on multiple accounts.

The Wolfman appears to have a history involving sexual assault, with his initial curiosity at the thought of having illegitimate children and later discussing consent before sexual intercourse on his podcast. He works at a Target in order to make money for his children he is not sure he even has.


Being a half-animal, the Wolfman is a ruthless beast with overwhelming strength to match his attitude. He is able to fight on par with the likes of Hoodie Hogan and Stone Cold. Against non-hoodie characters, the Wolfman has demonstrated complete superiority in power. He is evidently one of the top fighters in ShadowSwine54, with power that far exceeds Mugger Monster-level at the least. Following the events of Secret of the Hogan Cubes, he remarked that he had 'trained' and demonstrated his boost in power against Santa. His current power level is assumed to be extraordinarily high.  

  • Beast Claws- Though often seen with human hands, the Wolfman can utilize sharp claws to rend the flesh of his opponents. He used his beast claws first in Hulk Hogan Thanks His Fans
  • Superman Punch- One of the Wolfman's signature techniques. He charges up a powerful right hook that he delivers often following a forward rush. He has been shown charging the punch to the point where he releases a crimson red aura, which he can then store for future empowerment.  
  • Wolf Slam- A more recently developed technique of the Wolfman, he lifts his opponent and slams them to the ground at an intense velocity.

Notable Episodes[]

  • The Ultimate Battle- In the chronological timeline, The Wolfman first appeared in The Ultimate Battle, where he ransacked the ShadowSwine house and was defeated by Hoodie Hogan.
  • The Tap Dancing Contest- After Hulk Hogan thought he had finally won the contest, Darth Vader announces the winner was "The Wolfman". Hogan turns around to meet The Wolfman staring at him, who then viciously mauls Hogan out of revenge, shaping their continuous rivalry. This was the Wolfman's first appearance on screen, but not in the timeline.
  • The Rise of The Alliance- In the events of The Rise of The Alliance, The Wolfman formed a partnership with Stone Cold. The two savages attacked Hulk Hogan and then wound up having a fight of their own after Stone Cold told The Wolfman to cease his unnecessary brutality. After making up, both were beaten by Voodoo Hoodie Hogan.
  • Hogan Halloween Special Part 5: Ground Zeroes- After multiple losses to his enemies, The Wolfman joined The Mugger Monsters, and was given the task of escorting Creepy Cronk and Crazy Clown alongside Whimsical Whiskers into the ShadowSwine house to plan their next attack on Hulk Hogan and friends.
  • Hogan Halloween Special Finale: Part 2- During the events of the Halloween Special Finale: Part 2, he battled Stone Cold in an effort to defend Lord Boogie Oogie Oogie. He was defeated. 
  • Secret of the Hogan Cubes- The Wolfman appeared at the film's closing funeral scene, in which he was reprimanded for both interrupting a solemn moment and being absent for the film's duration. He hurriedly rushed off the set with the Cool Whip he had taken from the fridge.  
  • Santa Exists? Real Footage- The Wolfman fought alongside Hulk Hogan in order to save the household from Santa's voodoo-powered rampage. He overpowered the former Voodoo Lord for the majority of their battle. At the episode's end, he warned Hulk Hogan in regards to the ShadowSwine Crew's frequent mistreatment of the household.  



  • The concept of the Wolfman's character was derived from the "Freak Deer" scene from the cartoon series Adventure Time; an uncanny and humanoid animal emerging to wreak havoc with no warning.
  • Statistically, the Wolfman's signature move known as the Superman Punch is more well-received than that of WWE Superstar Roman Reigns' move of the same name.