"...."- The Shooter's signature silence
The Shooter was a primary antagonist in the series whose goal was to assassinate Hulk Hogan as part of his NWO orders.

Lore Edit

Hailing from the Dark Universe, the Shooter was an assassin that has been hired by many in the past to kill those whom his client demands. Many have tried to identify this strange man. but almost all have been killed in the process. Only after his battle with The Reaper was the Shooter unmasked to reveal a grotesque, panicked monster of some sort.

It had been assumed as of Return of The Shooter that he worked for NWO Hogan and thus was considered an active member of the NWO, with such assumptions having been proven correct in the events of Secret of the Hogan Cubes.

Powers/Abilities Edit

The Shooter was an extremely dangerous opponent for anyone engaging him in combat. He had demonstrated a recent boost in power after incapacitating Hoodie Hogan in the rematch between the two.

Expert Sharpshooting- The Shooter's aim was precise; he very evidently landed more bullets than he missed.

Combat Skill- The Shooter was trained in hand-to-hand combat and had fought on equal grounds with Hoodie Hogan in terms of his CQC. He appeared to have decent wrestling experience as well, with the body splash being a signature technique of his. Teleportation- Before being unmasked by Hoodie Hogan, the Shooter vanished instantly. This seemed to have been a last resort technique, as he saved such a technique until he was incapacitated. In Secret of the Hogan Cubes, he attempted to teleport away from the Reaper but was unsuccessful due to Reaper's Playground possessing otherworldly boundaries.

Filmography Edit

Hulk Hogan Meets Hornswoggle: The Shooter made his off-screen debut when he attempted to assassinate Hulk Hogan. The bullet successfully struck the Hulkster, but he survived, rendering the assassination a failure.

Who Shot Hulk Hogan?: The Shooter was caught spying on the crew as they investigated the mysterious assassination attempt. He proceeded to battle Hoodie Hogan and vanished when his mask was removed.

Return of The Shooter: The Shooter attempted to kill some of Hulk Hogan's friends to lure him out, leading to the two engaging in battle. Hoodie Hogan was incapacitated, but the Shooter's gun lost all of its ammo. This unforeseen circumstance caused the fight to end in a deadlock. The Shooter walked away, never to be seen for a while.

Secret of the Hogan Cubes: The Shooter served as a major antagonist of the ShadowSwine54 movie. Initially, he was shown conducting reconnaissance on the ShadowSwine Crew and later released Psycho Jim to attack them. Some time after the events of Hillbilly Jim's battle, the Shooter captured Sonic and brutally interrogated him to learn the location of the Hogan Cubes. Before he and the rest of the NWO were able to proceed with their plans, however, Reaper showed up in an effort to sabotage NWO Hogan. The Shooter was ordered to battle Reaper, and the two teleported to Reaper's Playground. It was here that the Shooter met a gruesome fate following his unmasking; Reaper beheaded him and destroyed his disembodied head, which strangely exhibited consciousness even after having been cut off.

Shooter Unmasked

The Shooter is unmasked at last.

Trivia Edit

  • The Shooter's 2016 redesign was inspired from the Ubisoft video game Watch_Dogs.
  • The Shooter's theme song is "Only a Chilling Elegy", part of the DragonBall Z Kai ost. 
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