"The Rock will not leave vacation time!"
The Rock is a protagonist of ShadowSwine54 and an active member of the Second Wing's roster. He, along with John Cena, slack off and fail to accomplish work as a result of his overwhelming laziness and ego. 

Lore Edit

The Rock heard of ShadowSwine54 from his buddy John Cena. and decided he absolutely had to star in it in order to promote his acting career. He arrived on to the scene in Hulk Hogan Does Voodoo and continues to star in episodes, most of which concern the Second Wing. Despite his many appearences, The Rock refuses to do any actual acting work and most of his screentime is involuntary, much akin to the rest of the Second Wing roster. 

It is believed much of Dwayne's laziness can be attributed to his delusionality aquired from overuse of steroids. To support this theory, The Rock often thinks it is "vacation time" every minute of the day. 

Powers/Abilities Edit

The Rock is an exceptional fighter in the series, but is eclipsed by much of the roster's more powerful members.

  • Rock Bottom- The Rock's powerful finisher. Many of his enemies tread with caution when battling The Rock due to their fear of being hit with this devastating technique.
  • Super Rock Bottom- A more powerful variant of the standard Rock Bottom in which The Rock lands his finisher from a greater height.
  • People's Elbow- A hard-hitting elbow drop. Its power is decent, but it is not worth the time and setting-up required to execute it. 

Filmography Edit

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