"Off with your head!"
The Reaper (referred to as simply "Reaper" on occasion) is an ex-Mugger Monster mercenary and a powerful adversary to Hulk Hogan and the rest of the household. 


Cletus O'Donnel was once a quick-learning and enthusiastic disciple of Hillbilly Jim. That is, until he became too proficient in the art of Voodoo Lightning and betrayed his own master in order to test his full power. Jim defeated his rogue pupil with ease, and Cletus fled the scene. He later succumbed to his mutilation and perished, but immediately returned to life due to his implanting of Reanimation Voodoo into his body beforehand. The result of this experiment was the birth of who we now call the Reaper: an undead Voodoo master. 

For years Reaper wandered the world looking for a shelter that would harbor the monster that he had become. The Mugger Monsters soon came into Reaper's life and hired him as a trump-card mercenary. With the fall of the Muggers, however, Reaper was once again left a vagabond.

Now he keeps tabs on the ShadowSwine Crew and awaits his next opportunity to exact revenge upon Hulk Hogan for dismantling his mugger guild. Following the events of Secret of the Hogan Cubes, Reaper is listed as semi-retired, meaning he is no longer part of the series' full-time character roster.

Based on Bush/Cheney paraphernalia in Reaper's Playground, it can be reasonable assumed Reaper was a supporter of George H.W. Bush's presidential campaign.

Powers/Abilities Edit

  • Immortality- Reaper was skilled enough in Voodoo to reanimate his own corpse. Now he is fueled by his own spiritual power and cannot die to physical injuries. 
  • Voodoo- Reaper has learned a great deal of Voodoo and can use it for a multitude of purposes. His preferred use of Voodoo is Projection Voodoo, as he enjoys attacking with lighting-based techniques. Reaper can also cast a Voodoo Barrier as well as invoke Voodoo Teleportation. He does show limitations such as a lack of Voodoo Fire experience, and apparently did not learn all that Hillbilly Jim has intended to teach him.  
  • Scythe Proficiency- Since he is now a monster, Reaper decided to train his scythe-wielding in order to fit his grim reaper persona.
    Voodoo Fire Possibly

    Reaper's Voodoo Fire appears to be simply him using lysol spray and a lighter to project flames.

    Voodoo Lightning 2

    Reaper's powerful Voodoo Lightning in action.

Notable Appearances Edit

Hogan Halloween Special Part 4: A Grim Situation- The Reaper first appears after he is called in by Lord Boogie Oogie Oogie to fight Hoodie Hogan. He is defeated after Feen rekindles his friendship with the hulkster and two combine their powers.

Hogan Halloween Special Finale: Part 2- Creepy Cronk summons Reaper to defeat Stone Cold, a task that the mercenary completes easily. He is brutally defeated by Hoodie Hogan afterwards, however.

Hulk Hogan Gets the Plague- Reaper disguises himself as a plague doctor to get close enough to Hulk Hogan for an assassination attempt. He is interrupted by Stone Cold, who is disguised as the Wolfman. The two battle and wind up uniting after Reaper unmasks Stone Cold.

Secret of the Hogan Cubes- Reaper serves as an unlikely protagonist in the film, as he initially crosses the N.W.O to prevent them from obstructing his revenge against Hulk Hogan. Reaper later defeats the Shooter and winds up reconciling with Hillbilly Jim, whom he buys time for by succumbing to a ruthless beating at the hands of Human NWO Hogan. Reaper, by the end of the movie, had completed his contract as a ShadowSwine character.


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