"Do you have any weaknesses that you would like to state?"
Ted E. Bair was a Voodoo Guardian that infiltrated the ShadowSwine54 household to punish Hulk Hogan for his overuse of Voodoo.

Lore Edit

It is believed that all the Telekinetic Voodoo energy that Hulk Hogan released through his overuse of the art eventually manifested itself as the Voodoo Guardian known as Ted E. Bair.

Ted E. Bair is of seemingly high intelligence and it quite deceptive. He was successful in fooling Hulk Hogan, as he made the hulkster believe he was an innocent new member of the household.

Notable Episodes Edit

Apex Legends Tips & Tricks- Ted E. Bair, having been recently manifested from overuse of Telekinetic Voodoo, infiltrated the apartment in an attempt to get close enough to the ShadowSwine Crew for a surprise attack. After defeating Willie Nelson and Nashville, Rick O' Chan successfully countered his voodoo and defeated the guardian.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Telekinetic Voodoo- Ted E. Bair is able to tap into immense amounts of Telekinetic Voodoo due to his nature as a Voodoo Guardian.


Rick is engulfed by Bair's voodoo, though he is unaffected due to his Chinese blood.

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