Synthetic Stone Cold (referred to as "Stone Cold Steve Austin") is a horrific abomination created as a result of Hulk Hogan trying to genetically recreate his ex-wife by splicing together various clumps of human tissue. It appears to be a human head (resembling Stone Cold) with an arm that extends from its mouth to grab prey and move its body.

Lore Edit

One of the many failed attempts of Hulk Hogan trying to construct a recreation of his ex-wife, Synthetic Stone Cold was created from the DNA of many of Hogan's enemies that he drew blood from. It appears that Stone Cold's traits are most dominant, which explains Hulk Hogan's choice of naming the monstrosity.

Hogan locked Synthetic Stone Cold away in his corpse closet to keep to creature from attacking people in the household. It emerges to feed at the sound of a harmonica.

Notable Appearances Edit

ShadowSwine54 Unpublished Footage Compilation: One segment of this episode involves Synthetic Stone Cold speaking to the audience in regards to his uncanny appearance. He then releases his inner-arm from his mouth and begins gagging.


The first appearance of Synthetic Stone Cold.

Hulk Hogan Reviews Incredibles 2- After the Sin-Conceived Stillborn is killed and Wario is defeated, they are fed to Synthetic Stone Cold, who is summoned by Hulk Hogan playing the harmonica.

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