"Did somebody say beer?"
Stone Cold Steve Austin, or simply Stone Cold, is both a friend and foe to Hulk Hogan and his crew. While often ambushing Hulk Hogan and recklessly getting drunk, Stone Cold will also assist the heroes by beating up any undesirables.  


Stone Cold was beaten as a child and forced into an alcoholic addiction by his abusive stepfather. He eventually made it to the WWF, but was never as popular as he wished to because of Hulk Hogan taking all the glory.

Since he wasn't allowed to face off against the Hulkster in the ring, he takes out all his frustration against Hulk Hogan and his friends at the apartment whenever he gets the chance. Sometimes Stone Cold Steve Austin will show up uninvited and use the bathroom or watch TV. If an enemy shows up at the ShadowSwine crew's apartment and Stone Cold happens to be there at the time, he will defend the household.


Stone Cold is an overbearingly destructive force. He has, on many occasions, utterly destroyed members of the household in alcoholic rages and has even overpowered the likes of The Wolfman and Whimsical Whiskers.

  • Wrestling Skill- Stone Cold has years of wrestling experience at his disposal. He often utilizes many techniques that he once used in the ring.
  • Stone Cold Stunner- Also referred to as simply a "stunner", this technique is a neckbreaker that has shut down many of Stone Cold's enemies.
  • DDT For Me- A variant of the standard DDT wrestling technique. Stone Cold slaps the enemy's back with extreme force during performance.

Notable Appearances Edit

The Rise of The Alliance: Part 1- Stone Cold partnered with The Wolfman in order to kill Hulk Hogan. The two were successful at first; they managed to ruthlessly pummel the hulkster. Soon after, however, they turned on each other out of sheer bloodlust and rising tensions. This resulted in a battle that continued into the next part.

The Rise of The Alliance: Part 2- The fight between the duo is taken into the basement, but it ends after Stone Cold reminds The Wolfman who their true enemy is. Stone Cold is later defeated by Hulk Hogan's leg drop, but he is seen assaulting Wolverine some time before Voodoo Hoodie Hogan falls to Feen. The Alliance has been disbanded after the events of this episode.

Psycho Jim VS Stone Cold- Stone Cold is seen lounging on a couch watching static on the household television before Psycho Jim breaks into the apartment. The two have an all-out battle that leaves the household in wreckage. Psycho Jim retreats into a closet after Stone Cold lands a stunner on him.

Trivia Edit

  • Many of Stone Cold's one-liners are based off of one of the staff members' gym class coaches.
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