"Today will be known as Victory Day..."
Spike the Dinosaur was a powerful enemy that resided in the basement of the Second Wing studio. He led the Plastic Alliance in a revolution against Macho Man and his plush associates.

Lore Edit

Spike was a quadruped sauropod dinosaur from the Tithonian period of Earth's Jurassic epoch. He possessed enough might to survive all of history's known extinctions. Having been discriminated all throughout his life due to his plastic composition, Spike established the Plastic Alliance in hopes of overtaking ShadowSwine54 to demonstrate plastic superiority.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Having been a dinosaur, Spike possessed a great deal of physical strength. He was strong enough to completely overpower Macho Man in his base form, making him possibly the most powerful non-hoodie character.

Physical Power- Spike dealt great amounts of damage with his dinosaur might. He was shown to be more powerful than even Macho Man.

Extreme Durability- Spike's dinosaur scales rendered him impervious to most physical attacks. It took Perfect Hoodie Hoodie Macho to shatter his near impenetrable defenses.

Dino Drop- A very powerful technique in which Spike leaps into the air and slams himself into his enemy at extreme force.

Notable Episodes Edit

Macho Man Mystery- Spike had ordered an attack on the rations of the Second Wing Crew, which essentially involved the stealing of their food. Macho Man sniffed the lingering scent of the food to locate its source, where he encountered and battled the dinosaur alongside his Plastic Alliance. Spike initially had the upper hand, but was killed by Macho Man after he entered his Perfect Hoodie form. His corpse was then violently thrashed as an example being set to other plastic characters.

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