"Sonic's the name, Speed's my game!"

Sonic is one of Hulk Hogan's old friends and a supporting character in ShadowSwine54.

Lore Edit

Sonic has known Hulk Hogan for quite a long time. He resides in Hulk Hogan's apartment and is a part of the crew's daily life. Despite his usefulness in combat situations, Sonic is a victim of traumatic brain damage. This was demonstrated in Prequel of The Hogan Cubes, as it was shown he sustained heavy head injuries due to the falling cubes. Since the incident he has become delusional to the point of believing the cubes are part of a prophecy involving multiple universes and spiritual energy, which he may not be too wrong about.

Sonic is similar to that of a scavenger, as he often digs through garbage and brings items from the outside into the apartment. He attends "Thursday Night Trash Sprees", in which he digs through every garbage can in the household.

Notable Appearances Edit

Prequel of the Hogan Cubes: A little bit of Sonic before he attained chronic head injury was shown. His relationship with Hulk Hogan was similar to that of a slave and its master.

A Feen Is Born: Sonic's delusionary mind began to show when he first delivered The Hogan Cubes to Hulk Hogan.

The Wrath of Stone Cold: Sonic camped alongside Hulk Hogan in the living room as part of an attempt to wait for Santa to arrive. He delivered the Hogan Cubes successfully in the episode's climax.

Return of The Shooter: Sonic was unable to personally deliver the cubes, as he was shot by The Shooter. However, he tossed them to Hogan at the last second he was able to.

The Worst Gift Ever: Sonic was brutally attacked by Wrestlemania Steel Cage Challenge.

Trivia Edit

  • Sonic's disability is comparable to that of severe Down's Syndrome.
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