The ShadowSwine54 lore is confusing at times, mostly because the series is full of inconsistencies. This page will hopefully help you identify what is canon and what is not.

Inconsistencies Edit

  • Throughout the series many characters have been killed, only to appear fine in the next episode. This is a recurring gag, and no death should be taken seriously unless the character remains absent for a large amount of time following the death.

Questionable Quotes Edit

  • In the Rise of the Alliance Part 2, Hoodie Hogan states he swallowed The Hogan Cubes and is able to transform at any time he wishes. However, it is confirmed that Hulk Hogan later expelled the cubes from his body through fecial excrement.

Uncanon Episodes Edit

  • Hulk Hogan Meets Sin Cara Again is not canon, since Sin Cara is a Seed of Cucky doll and not an actor wearing a Sin Cara mask. The Sin Cara portrayed in this episode can be thought of as a prototype for the current Sin Cara.
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