The 'ShadowSwine Crew' refers to Hulk Hogan and the people who live alongside him, mostly whom live in the apartment.

Lore Edit

Due to the increasingly surreal life of Hulk Hogan, it is not uncommon for new faces to show up at the doors of the hulkster's apartment. Many hold grudges while others come for different reasons. Whatever the rationale may be, the end result of such encounters often involve this new face moving into the apartment and forever cementing themselves as part of Hogan's daily life.

The crew started off humbly. Initially, the ShadowSwine Crew consisted of Hulk Hogan, Nashville, Sin Cara, and Sonic. As the years flew by, the crew began to expand drastically. Nowadays a large portion of the ShadowSwine Crew consist of foes-turned-friends.

Known ShadowSwine Crew Members Edit

Hulk Hogan

Willie Nelson


Sin Cara



Stone Cold


John Cena

The Rock

Macho Man


Darth Vader


Birthday Bear

CM Punk

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