ShadowSwine54 is a YouTube web series consisting of a mix of "puppet shows" and live-action wrestling. The show began serialization in September 2012 and has since then continued to air regularly through unscheduled uploads.

History Edit

Founding of the Channel Edit

ShadowSwine54 began as a Minecraft-centered gaming channel in July of 2012. The channel showcased various exploits and tutorials for the mobile version of Minecraft, but eventually stopped uploading on a frequent basis.

Sometime during August of 2012, the first Hulk Hogan-based video was uploaded to the channel, which was titled "Hulk Hogan Interviews Episode 1". This became the channel's main formula for video production, as the episode was followed by several more videos depicting the Hulk Hogan doll being interviewed by cameramen. All initial uploads were eventually deleted, as the channel did not have an identity of its own at the time of their filming and the videos reflected this with their constant references to other YouTube Channels.

September of 2012 saw the uploading of the first official episode of the webseries: "Hulk Hogan Meets Hornswoggle". The episode depicted Hulk Hogan speaking in front of a camera before being seemingly attacked by a deranged leprechaun. Videos continued to be uploaded onto the channel in great succession, and the channel's founders were very pleased with the direction it took.

Technological Improvements and the 'Poor Eras' Edit

"A Very Hulk Hogan Emergency" became the first video to be filmed with an iPad as opposed to the previous recordings by use of an iPod Touch 4G. From this episode onward (with few exceptions), the series became permanently displayed in landscape view. Starting with "Hogan Halloween Special Part 3: New Enemies", the producers decided to partly abandon use of the editing software Splice in favor of YouTube Capture. Splice was sparsely used throughout the year before ultimately being discarded in 2015 with the introduction of Kinemaster and WeVideo: two technologically superior softwares.

The string of episodes between "Hulk Hogan Runs For President" and "Prequel of the Hogan Cubes" were of relatively low camera quality, both in resolution and audio. This period of filming became known as the 'Poor Era', due to the lack of contemporary filming resources. All episodes of this period, save for "Prequel of the Hogan Cubes", were also poorly received.

September 2015 saw a massive improvement in production, as ShadowSwine54 videos were now filmed in contemporary HD quality. "Homemade Roller Coaster" became the first episode to be filmed with a camera of considerable resolution. The series continued to see various improvements, such as insertable sound files as opposed to recording ost and sound effects through a microphone.

A second 'Poor Era' spanned from March 4, 2017 to August 21, 2017. This was due to damaged equipment that was left unrepaired throughout the year. Conversely from the first Poor Era, the episodes filmed in this span of time were generally well-received.

Hiatus and 2018 Return Edit

Due to conflict between the founders as well as sexual assault allegations, ShadowSwine54 ceased production for about one year. In this period of time there were few plans to continue the series, and "Hulk Hogan Thanks His Fans" was presumed to fittingly be the last episode. However, events transpired as summer of 2018 approached, and production resumed on June 23 with "Hulk Hogan HATES iHob". This episode and the episodes that continue to follow are all well-received from both the producers and testers. It should also be noted that filming equipment has been repaired since the halt of the second 'Poor Era'.

Post-Secret of the Hogan Cubes Era Edit

Plot Synopsis Edit

ShadowSwine54's ongoing series consists of various story arcs that occur simultaneously and occasionally intertwine with each other, as opposed to the generally accepted concept of story arcs being sequential in order.

The main conflict within the story is between that of Hulk Hogan's ShadowSwine Crew: a group of misfits who live in a shoddy apartment, and the mysterious N.W.O: a shadowy organization from a parallel universe who have frequently attempted to kill Hogan. This plot is carried out in what is known as the Hogan Cubes Arc. Examples of other story arcs include the ShadowSwine Crew's war with a band of burglarizing monsters and the documentation of Hulk Hogan's chaotic Christmas parties.

Story Arcs (in Alphabetical Order) Edit

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Christmas Specials Arc Edit


Halloween Specials Arc Edit

The Halloween Specials Arc entail annual attacks on Hulk Hogan's apartment carried out by an underground monster organization known as the 'Mugger Monsters'. Beginning with Hogan Halloween Special Part 1: Willie's Weed, the arc spanned several years before temporarily concluding with Hogan Halloween Special Finale: Part 2, where the Mugger Monsters had been disbanded after losing to the ShadowSwine Crew.

Three years after the release of the finale, the Halloween Specials Arc received a continuation with the introduction of Hogan Halloween Horror Part 1: A Vile Vendetta. This storyline consists of deceased Mugger Monster Creepy Cronk's mother Madame Cronk seeking revenge for her son's death.

Hogan Cubes Arc Edit

The Hogan Cubes Arc began with Hulk Hogan Meets Hornswoggle. It centers around investigation of the assassination attempt on Hogan during the events of the first episode and how it ties in with the mysterious NWO Hogan from a parallel world.

NES Game Arc Edit

The NES Game Arc began with Hulk Hogan Rages After Losing a NES Game. Throughout this story arc, one of Hulk Hogan's video gaming consoles grows increasingly paranormal and powerful, posing a threat to Hogan and the household.

Second Wing Arc Edit


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