"Im gonna F you up so bad!"


Shadow The Hedgehog is Sonic The Hedgehog's rival and one of Hogan's friends. He was invited to Hogan's Thanksgiving party.

Bio Edit

When Sonic The Hedgehog isn't around to kiss Hogan's ass and deliver The Hogan Cubes, Shadow usually comes into play. He has known Hulk Hogan since childhood, even though it is never explained how he came into the Hogan world. Shadow has a strange fascination with food, which mostly came from him being locked in a cellar all his childhood, deprived of food. He was fired later on for budget cuts.

Sample Videos Edit

A very Hulk Hogan Thanksgiving

A very Hulk Hogan Thanksgiving

Quotes Edit

"I will f*** you up!"- A very hulk hogan thanksgiving "FOOOOOOODDD!"- ShadowSwine Rumble(1)

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