"I just love slacking off at the Second Wing of ShadowSwine."- John Cena
The Second Wing Crew is a faction that entails all protagonists who reside in ShadowSwine54's Second Wing studio. It is overseen and led by Macho Man, managed by Popeye, and disciplined by CM Punk.

The majority of the Second Wing Crew prefer not to work, but rather play video games and eat fast food.

Lore Edit

Initially, the Second Wing Crew was composed of just John Cena and Eric Cartman. As years went by, however, the roster expanded to include the likes of The Rock, Popeye, CM Punk, Macho Man, and many others. Frequently, the Second Wing Crew will have guests from Hogan's ShadowSwine Crew over.

While John Cena, The Rock, and Popeye personally do not like working, they are forced by CM Punk to do so every now and then. Hulk Hogan sent an additional overseer of the Second Wing Crew to ensure they do their job, but such a person never arrived. Instead, Macho Man arrived and has since then seized control of the Second Wing. Macho Man himself is indifferent to the Second Wing Crew slacking off, as he also enjoys relaxing on the job.

Known Members Edit

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