"Are your eyes squinty like mine?"
Rick O' Chan is a stuck-up Chinese American who yearns to defeat the ShadowSwine roster.


Rick was beaten as a child due to his failure to achieve a grade average of 101.0. He left his parents' house at the age of 18 to study technology and learn how to create smart-phones. On his journey to be interviewed for a job at a sweatshop, Rick saw a spirit tiger resting at a nearby shrine. Stopping at the shrine to pay respects, Rick was blessed by the spirits of the guardian animals and gained the ability to manipulate his chi, or inner energy. Rick, with his newfound powers, departed to conquer the ShadowSwine54 roster so he can inherit their internet fame and technology.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Rick has demonstrated a great deal of fighting power and combat dexterity throughout his filmography in ShadowSwine54. His strongest technique, the One Punch Tiger Hit, was able to defeat Hoodie Hogan easily.

Chi Manipulation- Rick can utilize his inner energy to empower his attacks and call upon various animal spirits.

Praying Mantis- Rick calls forth a Praying Mantis spirit to ravage his enemy alongside a barrage of strikes.

One Punch Tiger Hit- Rick uses all of his inner chi to call forth his most powerful spirit animal: the tiger. He incorporates the tiger's presence into an immensely powerful punch.

Screenshot 2017-04-07 at 11.30.10 AM

Rick utilizes his spirit tiger chi.

Attack of The Swan Technique- Rick incorporates the power of his swan spirit animal into a devastating sword slash capable of defeating even Ted. E. Bare.

Slash of the Sealing Rhinoceros- Rick swings his sword with the might of a rhinoceros, temporarily sealing the Voodoo power of his target.

Swordsmanship- It has been demonstrated numerous times that Rick can wield a sword with dexterity.

Chinese Nationality- Rick's Chinese blood grants him immunity to Voodoo. He also happens to have been subject to the infamous pollution of China, which grants him regenerative abilities as a result of mutation.

Notable Episodes Edit

Hulk Hogan Return to WWE Confirmed?- Rick infiltrated the apartment and bumped into Hoodie Hogan after using the bathroom. The two proceeded to have an off-script battle where Rick emerged the victor. Afterwards, he explained how he will defeat the roster one by one.

Leaked Doomfist Footage- Rick was hired as a Triad merc by his very target, Hulk Hogan, in order to kill Wario and Darth Vader for their insubordination. He was defeated by Wario after the deviant regurgitated corrosive acid all over him, but Rick survived and regenerated thanks to his Chinese regenerative body. He began to mock Americans but was interrupted by Hulk Hogan angrily yelling "Shut up!" at Rick due to his failure of the mission.

Hulk Hogan Thanks His Fans- After Hoodie Hogan refused to make a video thanking his fans for 10,000 views, Rick attempts to beat some sense into the hoodster. However, he forces Hulk Hogan out from the hoodie and The Host runs rampant as a result. Hulk Hogan believes Rick is the only one who can subdue the rampaging host, but the Chinese mercenary is brutally ambushed and left with only his head remaining. At the video's end, he is abandoned by the staff.

Apex Legends Tips & Tricks- Rick is petitioned by Hulk Hogan to come join a 'party', which, in actuality, is Ted E. Bare's onslaught against the ShadowSwine Crew. Upon realizing that his adversary is a listed target on his bounty hunting book, Rick engages Ted in battle and defeats him with his Attack of The Swan Technique.

Secret of the Hogan Cubes- Rick is disturbed by the commotion outside of the apartment's bathroom, which he has taken up residence in. He emerges and attacks the Reaper with his Slash of the Sealing Rhinoceros before being petitioned by the N.W.O to join their ranks. Rick declines and runs outside to chase a rabbit, which he has deemed an invasive species.

Trivia Edit

  • Rick O' Chan is based on Di Lung, a character from the tv series Courage the Cowardly Dog.
  • Rick O' Chan is favored by 2/3 of the ShadowSwine54 testers.  
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