"Give me likes on Facebook!"
Rey Mysterio is a supporting character of ShadowSwine54. He is a masked wrestler whose career has gone into shambles after accidentally ending a man's life in the ring.

Lore Edit

At one point, Rey Mysterio was a respected and successful wrestler in the WWE. However, this all changed after numerous suspensions and injuries, as Rey now waits in paranoid anticipation that Vince McMahon will eventually fire him.

Later in his downhill career, Rey Mysterio accidentally killed his opponent during a wrestling match. This and the setbacks that followed left Rey careerless. He is now looking to sell his clothes as a means of making money and as redemption for his grave sin of murder.

To compensate for his many failures, Rey seems to want relevancy on social media platforms. 'Likes' on Facebook appear to be his greatest desire aside from money and redemption.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Rey is an experienced wrestler, but cannot hold up well against most of the ShadowSwine roster. In terms of fighting power, he is without a doubt on the weaker side.

Filmography Edit

Who Shot Hulk Hogan?- Rey Mysterio leads the investigation of identifying Hogan's shooter. He conducts interviews, but cannot find any crucial evidence.

The Pawn Shop Episode- Rey attempts to sell some video games in order to make money. He is knocked out with modified 'Spic & Span' and robbed of his possessions. Later, Rey Mysterio returns to sell his clothes, but is attacked viciously by a deranged Hulk Hogan. He attempts to escape alongside Willie Nelson, but is hunted down by Hogan.

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