Return of The Shooter is the season 4 finale of Hulk Hogan Adventures. It follows Hulk Hogan as he once again fights the assassin who attempted to kill him back in Hulk Hogan Meets Hornswoggle.


The episode opens up with Hulk Hogan coming across a murdered Darth Vader. He disregards it, claiming it's good that he's finally dead. After encountering Willie Nelson on the verge of death, Hulk Hogan realizes something is wrong. When he begins to meander on about how he loves tools, specifically wrenches, The Shooter peers out from a corner, striking a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure pose before brutally beating Hulk Hogan with the stock of his gun.

He punts Hulk Hogan down into the basement and shoots Sonic right after the deranged hedgehog throws The Hogan Cubes down the stairs. The Bakemonogatari credits theme starts up as Hulk Hogan transforms into Hoodie Hogan, who proceeds to threaten The Shooter.


Hoodie Hogan gets incapacitated as The Shooter rams a cargo cart into his back.

For the rest of the episode the two colossal brawlers duke it out until The Shooter gets the upper hand and incapacitates Hoodie Hogan. Realizing that he ran out of ammo, The Shooter retreats, leaving Hogan beaten raw. Hulk Hogan begins to wonder if the Shooter was hired by NWO Hogan as he writhes in pain.

Reception Edit

Return of The Shooter is one of the most well-received ShadowSwine episodes yet. It was praised highly for its nonstop action and humorous references.

Trivia Edit

  • A portion of the song "Roundabout" is used every time The Shooter performs a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure pose.