"Oi Vey! Here at the Second Wing of ShadowSwine we do nothing, and we get paid for it!"
Popeye is the nephew of the famous sailor man who goes by the same name and the general manager of ShadowSwine54's second wing.

Lore Edit

Popeye, whose real name is Pipeye, is the nephew of Popeye the sailor man. After the death of his uncle, Popeye could not cope with the trauma and became delusional as a result. He now believes his name is Popeye and tries to act out the role his uncle served.

Despite his delusions, Popeye still exhibits childish qualities. For example, he sits on The Rock's lap and lets him read stories to him.

Popeye was hired to be the general manager of ShadowSwine's second wing at the tender age of five. He often hangs out with his employees and slacks off alongside them. Lacking any notable powers, Popeye usually sits back and lets the other characters do their own thing. This is possibly out of fear that his workers will rebel if told to actually do work.

Filmography Edit

The Ultimate Battle: Popeye's first appearance was in this episode. Though not mentioned, he was waiting to be interviewed for the job of general manager. In the episode he offered Hulk Hogan advice on how to get a hobby. His wisdom possibly earned him his job.

Hulk Hogan Prank Gone Wrong: Popeye arrived at the scene of Bear H's assault on The Rock. Realizing he was a witness, Popeye remarked "Oy Vey, I'll handle this myself." and committed suicide to spare Bear H the trouble of killing him.

CM Punk joins ShadowSwine: Popeye was attacked by CM Punk after refusing to work. He was finished off with a GTS.

Hulk Hogan's Ego: Popeye was ambushed by Hulk Hogan in his Semi-Hoodie form. He was forced into a dangerously high area and left forgotten for the rest of the night.

Macho Man LIVES?: Popeye made a cameo. He was a victim of collateral damage caused by The Rock's fight against Macho Man.


  • Popeye is a chew toy of the staff member ShadowSwine's dog. This explains why he gets progressively more mangled with each appearance.
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