"Pliggers, those plastic pieces of shit!"- Macho Man
The Plastic Alliance is an underground movement with the end goal of defeating Macho Man and his plush character associates. They believe plastic characters deserve more civil rights in the ShadowSwine universe and consequently attempt to sabotage the plush characters that reside in the Second Wing studios.

Lore Edit

From the dawn of time, plastic characters have been unable to find success in ShadowSwine54's filmography. Many, such as Creepy Cronk, have perished as villains. One plastic character by the name of Spike the Dinosaur sought to end this. He assembled two close friends (Undertaker in a Box & General Husk) and founded what was known as the Plastic Alliance.

The Plastic Alliance began secretly making moves against the Second Wing crew in the form of various methods of sabotage. In Macho Man Mystery they stole food from The Rock and John Cena as an attempt to cut their 'rations'. This did not go well for the Plastic Alliance, as Macho Man discovered their hideout and made quick work of Spike the Dinosaur.

General Husk and Undertaker in a Box have since begun a period of training with the Knights of Justice in an effort to get revenge on Macho Man.

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