"This is Perfect Hoodie...Hoodie Macho, jack!"
The Perfect Hoodie form of Hoodie Macho is an extremely powerful upgrade to Macho Man's standard hoodievolution. As the name suggests, it is a perfected form of the hoodievolving that Macho Man and Hulk Hogan have frequently resorted to.

Macho Man will assume the form if he estimates his enemy to be too powerful to be dealt with through conventional means. He is currently the only character capable of assuming a perfect hoodie form.

Hoodievolution Edit

The Perfect Hoodie Hoodie Macho form can be brought out by Macho Man's releasing of his inner strength. It appears to be triggered by Macho Man alone, unlike his standard Hoodie Macho form which can be assumed via Host Commandeering or the Macho Fruit. The form Macho Man takes is a fusion of both his body and that of the host, suggesting a perfect synchronization between the two.

Macho Man does not have to presently be equipped with his Hoodie form in order to bring out Perfect Hoodie. He is able to skip his first Hoodievolution, as demonstrated in Macho Man Mystery.

Lore Edit

Macho Man had intended to first use this form against Mr. Bogardt during their second encounter, but the events of Macho Man Mystery led to him having an opportunity to reveal the form early. He developed the perfect hoodie transformation after training relentlessly in his Hoodie Macho form.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Perfect Hoodie Hoodie Macho's power far exceeds that of his standard Hoodie Macho form. In his Perfect Hoodie form, he was able to even buy time against Human NWO Hogan.

  • Raw Power- The extra power boost granted from the form allowed Macho Man to completely annihilate Spike the Dinosaur. In a short amount of time, Macho Man was able to use his perfect hoodie power to destroy Spike, who by himself was an extremely strong character.
  • Superhuman Instincts- The perfect synchronization between Macho Man and his host allows Perfect Hoodie Hoodie Macho to possess extremely sharp combat instincts.
  • Elbow Drop- The signature technique of Macho Man that he implements into the moveset of his perfect hoodie form.
  • Spear- Hoodie Macho rams his enemy into a wall or surface using his shoulder.

Notable Episodes Edit

Macho Man Mystery- Macho Man, after being brutally overpowered by Spike the Dinosaur, resorts to transforming into Perfect Hoodie Hoodie Macho for the first time. He easily annihilates Spike and rescues John Cena and The Rock.

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