The New World Order (N.W.O) is a dark faction in the ShadowSwine universe. They reside within an alternate timeline from Hulk Hogan, which is known as the "Dark Universe".

The N.W.O's most powerful members served as the main antagonists of the film Secret of the Hogan Cubes, where they were ultimately defeated.

Lore Edit

There exists a dystopian timeline somewhere in the multiverse of ShadowSwine54, one where a devious faction rules the world. The New World Order (N.W.O) is what they are called, and their mission is not completely clear. All that is known about the N.W.O is its leadership under N.W.O Hogan, who sought to obtain the Hogan Cubes.

The N.W.O had access to multiversal travel. Its members had entered Hulk Hogan's timeline multiple times in attempts to acquire the Hogan Cubes or to simply conduct reconnaissance. N.W.O Hogan himself had been shown arriving in Hulk Hogan's timeline through The Coke a Cola Time Machine, which existed both in the Dark Universe as well as Hulk Hogan's universe.

Without an existing leader anymore, it can be assumed the N.W.O has either disbanded or has lost its influence due to the heavy loss in numbers the faction suffered in Secret of the Hogan Cubes.

Known Members Edit

Feen (former)

Joshachu (former)

Leroy (deceased)

N.W.O Hogan (deceased)

The Shooter (deceased)

Toon Wolverine (deceased)

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