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"You're harboring weapons of mass destruction!"

N.W.O Hogan was the main antagonist of the ShadowSwine54 series, his villainy spanning seasons one through three. Since his arrival in his counterpart Hulk Hogan's timeline, N.W.O Hogan had been observing the crew menacingly in the background and numerously made his presence known to the crew, reminding them of his intent to acquire The Hogan Cubes once and for all before ultimately launching an all-out assault.  

In the events of Secret of the Hogan Cubes, N.W.O Hogan was defeated by Hulk Hogan before the collapse and disbanding of the N.W.O itself.  


N.W.O Hogan belonged to the 'Dark Universe', a parallel timeline in which the events of the Abrahamic religions never transpired. This timeline is cruel and unforgiving, lacking light yet shrouded in darkness. In an attempt to harvest the light of God that N.W.O Hogan had heard about from legends regarding a timeline parallel to his, N.W.O Hogan constructed a Coke a Cola Time Machine in search of such divinity. Following the true Hulk Hogan's construction of the Coke a Cola Time Machine, N.W.O Hogan was able to connect timelines and begin his mission to obtain the divine Hogan Cubes so that he may bring light to his world and construct it anew. In order to increase his chances of success, N.W.O Hogan took with him the rest of the New World Order: subordinates that alongside him have ruled their respective timeline.

After the noble sacrifice of his partner Leroy, N.W.O Hogan's ambition was further fueled, and he wound up declaring war on the ShadowSwine Crew. Revenge soon became a goal of his, and he regularly began to spy on the crew, being shown conducting reconnaissance in the background of many episodes. Absorbed by the anger that comes with great loss, the Hogan Cubes almost became a secondary goal of his, as the ShadowSwine Crew now had blood on their hands that N.W.O Hogan was not willing to let them simply wash off.

"Three days, Jack. Three days!"

N.W.O Hogan was sinister by nature and vastly mysterious. Perhaps his cause was justifiable to an extent, but his sadistic disposition kept him inclined to carry out his mission with pure intention to cause harm and loss to the ShadowSwine Crew, both physical and psychological.


N.W.O Hogan is as powerful as his multiverse counterpart, but with technique far more honed. He certainly has a history of power-based training, as he is able to deliver powerful blows with enough force to send his target flying. In his Human form, N.W.O Hogan reaches a further astounding level of power, granting him greater fighting ability than Perfect Hoodie Hoodie Macho.

  • Leg Drop- N.W.O Hogan's finishing move made iconic by countless executions.
  • Wind-Up Kick- A signature move of N.W.O Hogan in which he charges his aura by rotating his leg and releasing it in a powerful kick.
  • Human N.W.O Hogan- The form N.W.O Hogan is able to undertake after releasing all of his power. It is believed to be a form of Voodoo-based empowerment native to his own timeline, as unlike Hulk Hogan's human form, it did not require the holiness of the Hogan Cubes to activate.
  • Extreme Flexibility- N.W.O Hogan is able to bend and contort his body to a great degree, allowing himself to fit inside the Coke a Cola Time Machine with ease. While contorted, N.W.O Hogan appears to "bounce" on his buttocks.
  • Driving Experience- N.W.O Hogan was able to operate the Wolfman's car with extreme precision despite having never set foot in it prior.

    N.W.O Hogan drives the Wolfman's car.

Notable Episodes[]

Prequel of The Hogan Cubes- N.W.O Hogan's first formal introduction. He warps to Hogan's timeline in an effort to take the Hogan Cubes for himself, but his plans are thwarted. The bout ends in a deadlock, and N.W.O Hogan retreats with a warning of his eventual return.

Hulk Hogan Gets The Plague- While Hulk Hogan lies sick in bed, the audience is presented a scene of N.W.O Hogan and Toon Wolverine discussing their next course of attack on the hulkster.

Prologue of the Hogan Cubes- N.W.O Hogan (after having pretzled himself inside the time machine to wait in ambush) appears before Hulk Hogan, falsely warning him of an incoming threat in three days as a form of psychological warfare. This leads to Hulk Hogan gathering a troupe of his own in preparation of the next time N.W.O Hogan arrives.

Secret of the Hogan Cubes- N.W.O Hogan serves as the ShadowSwine54 movie's main antagonist. Throughout the movie, he leads his N.W.O on various operations to undermine Hulk Hogan and gain intel before making his presence known in an all-out battle. He later dies in a long, violent brawl against Human Hogan. Monologuing before passing away, N.W.O Hogan reveals that he was simply trying to create a new world.

The death of N.W.O Hogan.



  • N.W.O Hogan is not referred to as Hollywood Hogan. The "N.W.O" in his title refers to the legitimate New World Order that he leads. Hollywood Hogan is the wrestling gimmick that both he and the main universe's Hulk Hogan adopted at one point in their wrestling careers.
  • N.W.O Hogan is given a different voice actor, "Hermit", for his role in Secret of the Hogan Cubes. Hermit had played Hulk Hogan originally in ShadowSwine54's first few episodes.