"You're harboring weapons of mass destruction!"
NWO Hogan is the main antagonist of the ShadowSwine54 series. Since his arrival in his counterpart Hulk Hogan's timeline, NWO Hogan has been observing the crew menacingly in the background and has numerously made his presence known to the crew, reminding them of his intent to acquire The Hogan Cubes once and for all.  

Lore Edit

There is not much revealed of NWO Hogan's background nor his true motives. It is known that he is Hulk Hogan from an alternate timeline who entered the true Hogan's universe through the Coke a Cola time machine in an effort to snatch the Hogan Cubes before the ShadowSwine crew discovered them. It has is also understood that he is the head of a legitimate "New World Order" that consists of various subordinates such as Leroy and Toon Wolverine. Since he bears the identity of Hulk Hogan, he is able to hoodievolve and therefore wishes to use his hoodie power to accomplish a devious plan.

After the noble sacrifice of his partner Leroy, NWO Hogan's ambition was further fueled, and he wound up declaring war on the ShadowSwine crew. Revenge soon became a goal of his, and the Hollywood hulkster regularly spies on the crew. He has been seen conducting reconnaissance in the background of many episodes.

"Three days, Jack. Three days!"

Powers/Abilities Edit

NWO Hogan is much more powerful than his multiverse counterpart. He certainly has a history of power-based training, as he is able to deliver powerful blows with enough force to send his target flying.

  • Wind-Up Kick- A signature move of NWO Hogan in which he charges his aura by rotating his leg and releasing it in a powerful kick.

Notable Episodes Edit

Prequel of The Hogan Cubes- NWO Hogan's first formal introduction. He warps to Hogan's timeline in an effort to take the Hogan Cubes for himself, but his plans are thwarted. The bout ends in a deadlock, and NWO Hogan retreats with a warning of his eventual return.

Hulk Hogan Gets The Plague- While Hulk Hogan lies sick in bed, the audience is presented a scene of NWO Hogan and Toon Wolverine discussing their next course of attack on the hulkster.

Prologue of The Hogan Cubes- NWO Hogan (after he had pretzled himself inside of the time machine to wait in ambush) appears before Hulk Hogan, falsely warning him of an incoming threat in three days as a form of psychological warfare. This leads to Hulk Hogan gathering a troupe of his own in preparation of the next time NWO Hogan arrives.

Trivia Edit

  • NWO Hogan is not referred to as Hollywood Hogan. The "NWO" in his title refers to the legitimate New World Order that he leads. Hollywood Hogan is the wrestling gimmick that both he and the main universe's Hulk Hogan adopted at one point in their wrestling careers.
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