In the series of ShadowSwine, there appears to be a multitude of universes, or 'timelines', that are tied to that of Hogan's. Many characters have come from universes separate to the main one in which Hogan resides in. Such universes cannot be travelled to, but natives to them can invade Hogan's universe via the Coka a Cola Time Machine's spontaneous malfunctions.

List of Universes and their Respective Characters Edit

The "Main" Universe Edit

What is referred to as the "Main" universe is the one in which the ShadowSwine series takes place. This universe is possibly the most similar to real life, albeit slight differences in the lives of certain people and the existence of supernatural elements such as the voodoo power system and monsters. Hulk Hogan, for example, is extremely talented in the practice of science, as he can create homunculi from DNA samples as well as construct a multiversal portal. Many characters fictional to the real world also tend to actually exist within ShadowSwine. Most ShadowSwine characters belong to this universe.

Characters native to the Main Universe include but are not limited to: Edit

Hulk Hogan

Willie Nelson

Stone Cold

The Mugger Monsters

Rick O' Chan


Macho Man

The Wolfman

Wolverine's Universe Edit

Wolverine is not native to Hogan's universe, but rather one similar to it. Wolverine seems to be quite comfortable in the Main Universe, so it can be assumed his universe is not much different. The only definitive discrepancy that can be observed is that the 'Danger Room' is referred to as the 'Danger Zone' where Wolverine came from. In the main universe, the fictional character of Wolverine does not exist.

Characters native to Wolverine's Universe include: Edit


The Josh Universe Edit

Somewhere in the expansive vacuum of space-time there exists a universe where everyone's name is suffixed with "Josh" and everyone possesses the same exact personality.

Characters native to the Josh Universe include: Edit


The Dark Universe Edit

A dystopian universe with an Earth ravaged by war and drought, the New World Order is the dominant political body here. Since characters from this universe arrived voluntarily from the Coke a Cola Time Machine, it appears they possess some method of multiversal transport.

Characters native to the Main Universe include but are not limited to: Edit

NWO Hogan

The Shooter

Toon Wolverine


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