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Mr. Bogardt (or simply "Bogardt") is a beastly servant of Madame Cronk that serves as a primary antagonist of the Hogan Halloween Horrors.


Bogardt appears to be an animalistic monster similar to that of The Wolfman. He possesses physical characteristics of both a lycanthropic creature and a gorilla. He seems to be of minimal intelligence and only acts on the orders of Madame Cronk.

Mr. Bogardt was recruited by Madame Cronk on her mission of revenge against Hulk Hogan. He serves her as both a test subject for her various potions and a bodyguard. It is clear that Bogardt shares the same values as the Mugger Monsters since he is willing to avenge them and steal Hogan's jewels while doing so.


Bogardt, upon ingesting the Mean Green Formula, is one of the most powerful characters to exist in ShadowSwine54. He is able to battle Hoodie Macho on equal terms and he even defeated Hoodie Hogan without much effort.

  • Beastly Strength- As a beastly monster, Mr. Bogardt possesses raw power that renders him a threat to Hulk Hogan and his friends.
  • Mean Green Ingesting- With the power of all deceased Mugger Monsters coursing through his veins, Mr. Bogardt gains a crimson aura and unspeakable fighting strength.


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