"You disgusting shit-face you are nothing in society I hope you die".
Mario is a ruthless and deranged Italian plumber who lives inside sewer pipes and occasionally emerges in the Second Wing's set to wreak unspeakable havoc.

Lore Edit

Mario wasn't always a demented psycho. He once ran a successful plumbing industry and led a happy life. All of this changed once he grew addicted to shrooms, which psychologically impaired him. Since his first bag, Mario's life completely fell into shambles. He murdered his entire family alongside 15 unnamed children and was put on the FBI's most wanted list, labeling him a terrorist. Mario fled to the sewers where he fed off of fungus growing on the inside of pipes.

Completely devoid of any sanity, Mario began to believe he lived in a "Mushroom Kingdom" and convinced himself he was Nintendo's mascot of the same name. After hearing about a YouTube series that was expected to host an interview with the true Mario, he hijacked the Cena and The Rock Show, mutilating the Second Wing Crew and renaming it "The Mario Show". Unfortunately for the psychotic plumber, CM Punk defeated him and shoved him inside of a NES Console, confining him to a solitary prison until his next emergence in The Cena and The Rock Show #2: The 2016 Election. Once again, Mario was sealed away and is currently still locked inside of the NES.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Mario is a dangerously powerful terrorist. He was able to nearly murder The Rock and Cena and even managed to mutilate Punk in his second emergence.

Holy Water- Mario is deranged to the point where he sees demons everywhere he turns. As a safety measure, he packs holy water with him and will attempt to exorcise his enemies on occasion. On one instance, he "baptized" CM Punk after breaking his face.

Notable Episodes Edit

The Cena and The Rock Show #1: Super Smash Bros.- Mario hijacked the Cena and The Rock show and turned it into the "Mario Show". He brutally attacked Cena and The Rock before being fought off by CM Punk, who sealed Mario inside the NES.

The Cena and The Rock Show #2: The 2016 Election- Mario emerged from the NES to state his support for Donald Trump's presidential campaign. He then battered CM Punk and "baptized" him with holy water. Mario was then imprisoned to the NES once again by Hoodie The Rock after a short struggle.

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