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"Our revenge will be sweet..."

Madame Cronk is the main antagonist of the Hogan Halloween Horror series and the mother of the late Creepy Cronk. She is a witch capable of brewing powerful potions and wielding advanced spells.


A witch of tremendous experience, Madame Cronk lived in the woods of rural Halloween Land during the late 1800's. At one point, during the period in which her particular sect of Halloween Land came under Nazi occupation, she created and ingested a potion that halts aging and thus became known as the "unsterbliche Hexe der Wälder" (Immortal Witch of the Woods) by the German-speaking locals.

After being informed of the death of Creepy Cronk, she traveled to America and recruited the Mugger Monster-inspired beast known as Mr. Bogardt to assist her in her plan of revenge against Hulk Hogan.

Madame Cronk's scheme of vengeance involves stealing Hogan's jewels to fund a new band of monsters capable of killing the Hulkster once and for all.


  • Spell-casting- Madame Cronk can cast a multitude of spells to assist her. One such spell can make her immune to damage at the cost of not being able to attack her enemy for a period of time.
  • Conjuration- Madame Cronk was able to use magic to summon a phone book with a listing of every mugger monster.
  • High Intelligence- Madame Cronk is very intelligent. She is able to develop long-term plans with a high chance of success.
  • Alchemical Skill- Madame Cronk possesses a high level of experience in developing potions, most notably the Mean Green Formula.

Notable Episodes[]

Hogan Halloween Horror Part 1: A Vile Vendetta- Madame Cronk made her first appearance as the main antagonist of the Halloween Horror series. She had infiltrated the apartment with Mr. Bogardt and used the body parts of the deceased Mugger Monsters' corpses to create the Mean Green Formula, which granted Bogardt incredible strength. She later exfiltrated after stealing some jewels, which she revealed will be used to hire new monster allies.

Hogan Halloween Horror Part 2: A Spiteful Siege- Madame Cronk infiltrates the apartment once again and hires new mugger monsters for her next assault. Now with three experienced muggers (Funky Frank, Pumpkin Pete, and Bag of Bones Billie) at her side, Madame Cronk initiates the raid on Hogan's apartment, stealing jewels while the other monsters keep Hogan and his friends occupied. After Funky Frank defeats Hoodie Hogan, she leaves with the successfully heisted jewels and the monsters that survived.



  • The prop used for Madame Cronk required almost an entire hour to cut down from its outside hanging position.