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Macho Man is a character from ShadowSwine54. He crashes at John Cena's apartment and works as a Second Wing member. In the majority of Second Wing episodes, Macho Man takes the role of the lead protagonist.


A retired professional wrestler, Macho Man wandered the world in search of delicious and protein-rich foods. He unexpectedly showed up at Cena's apartment in the events of Macho Man LIVES?, and since then he has continued to appear in videos concerning the Second Wing crew.

Macho Man was not scheduled to be included in ShadowSwine54. Hulk Hogan had arranged for an unnamed inspector to show up at the Second Wing and keep watch over the reluctant-to-work crew. The man who arrived was none other than Macho Man, but it wasn't until the end of his debut episode that it was revealed he isn't the inspector, leaving many questions unanswered.

A huge health fanatic, Macho Man devised the recipe for his own protein shake: Slim Juice. It consists of a slim jim or any protein rich weiner mixed with blended bread and water. John Cena in particular is disgusted by this concoction.


Being a professional wrestler, Macho Man can perform a variety of devastating techniques. 

  • Elbow Drop- His signature attack. By planting his elbow into the body of a grounded opponent, Macho Man can cause explosive damage.
  • HoodievolvingMacho Man can assume a hoodie form dubbed as "Hoodie Macho". Once in his Hoodie Macho state, he is practically indomitable. He can further increase his power by entering the Perfect Hoodie form of Hoodie Macho, complete with massive strength and perfected synchronization with his host.

Even when he's not in his hoodie form, Macho Man is one of the most powerful ShadowSwine characters to date. He is immune to basic attacks from lesser fighters and can wreak major havoc. 

Notable Episodes Edit

Macho Man LIVES?: Macho Man arrived at Cena's apartment and took it over through violence and intimidation. He was not expected to show up, and the man who was sent by Hulk Hogan hadn't been heard from since the incident.

The Pawn Shop Episode: Macho Man worked as a bodyguard and security officer for The Rock's pawn shop. He used his latino-targeting spray bottle "Spic & Span" to controversially chase off Rey Mysterio.

The Worst Gift Ever: Macho Man was the one who delivered the haunted NES game to Hulk Hogan as a Christmas Gift. He later returned in the episode to give John Cena a supply of Slim Juice.

Hogan Halloween Horror Part 1: A Vile Vendetta: Macho Man had been with Hulk Hogan and the rest of the ShadowSwine Crew at their apartment when Mr. Bogardt rushed upstairs to wreak havoc. He later battled Mr. Bogardt in his hoodie form and led the monster into a trapdoor.

Trivia Edit

  • Macho Man is one of the two only tonka characters in the series, the other being Hulk Hogan.
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