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Joshachu is a variant of the electric mouse Pokemon Pikachu and the general manager of ShadowSwine54


Some time after the Universe Collision incident, Joshachu snuck his way into the apartment through The Coke a Cola Time Machine and he came from a universe where everyone's name starts with "Josh-" and also happen to share the same personality. He managed to convince Willie Nelson and Wolverine that he was Hulk Hogan, much to the real Hulk Hogan's dismay. It is unclear why Joshachu attempted to undermine the hulkster, but perhaps one can assume he wished to conquer ShadowSwine54. An off-screen fight broke out between the two and Joshachu was presumably hired as a character after the bout. 

Joshachu has been fired during the first official budget cut in ShadowSwine54 has To Fire a Few Characters, but he made a return in Hulk Hogan Rants on the New Star Wars, this time as the new general manager of ShadowSwine. He now lives as a permanent member of the household, satisfied with his new position of power.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Most of Joshachu's power comes from his authority over the other characters, as he can fire them at will. He can fight if he must, however.

Notable Appearances Edit

Hulk Hogan V.S. Joshachu- Joshachu first appears in this episode, where he warped into Hogan's apartment from the Coke a Cola Time Machine. He pretends to be Hulk Hogan in order to reap benefits from the ShadowSwine Crew, but is later defeated by the real Hogan. Some time after this, it is believed he was hired as a character.

A Very Hulk Hogan Thanksgiving- Joshachu was among Willie Nelson, Sin Cara and Wolverine during the intense brawl.

ShadowSwine54 Has to Fire a Few Characters- Joshachu was one of the many that were fired. He spoke to the camera about his pride in being a ShadowSwine character before being brutally assaulted by Hulk Hogan and informed of his contract's termination.

Hulk Hogan Rants on the New Star Wars- Joshachu makes his return to the channel, where he defends the original trilogy of the Star Wars movies in contrast to Hogan's opinion.

Hulk Hogan Thanks His Fans- Joshachu's appearance in this episode indicates that he has lost both of his legs in some accident, but he is cut off before explaining just how such an event occurred,

Hulk Hogan HATES iHob- Hulk Hogan accuses Joshachu of being gay and attacks him briefly.

Trivia Edit

  • A recurring gag as of 2016 features one of the ShadowSwine crew members asking Joshachu "Aren't you fired?" whenever he makes an appearance. 
  • Joshachu is based on staff member Neon Tokyo.
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