"Y'all be riding rhymes..."
John Cena is a supporting character in ShadowSwine54 and one of the main characters of the Second Wing.

Lore Edit

Cena works as a member of the Second Wing's active roster. He decided to join ShadowSwine in order to make more money for charity, though he is lazy and loves slacking off most of the time.

He is partnered with The Rock and works under the supervision of Popeye, CM Punk, and more recently Macho Man. Unfortunately for John Cena, things often go awry in the Second Wing's studio as he often is forced to face dangerous enemies who wish to take over the show.

At one point in his career Cena was mugged by unspecified Filipinos. He narrowly escaped alive, with a ripped ear as a permanent battle scar.

Powers/Abilities Edit

John Cena is an exceptional fighter. He tries his best to reduce levels of violence in the household. However, when squared up against characters with superhuman abilities such as Hoodie Macho or Creepy Cronk, he is easily overpowered.

  • Five Knuckle Shuffle- A powerful technique by Cena that requires a painfully long setup in order to be utilized. CM Punk avoided this attack in CM Punk joins ShadowSwine.
  • Attitude Adjustment- Cena's finisher. It is a powerful slam that can be executed with ease. Despite the gap in power between Cena and Macho Man, John forced Macho Man to enter his hoodie form after hitting him with the Attitude Adjustment.
  • John Cena Time- Cena proclaims the name of this technique before he rams himself into the enemy at extreme force.

Notable EpisodesEdit

RE: The Wyatt Family- The debut of John Cena involves him nervously proclaiming to the audience that he is being stalked by WWE's Wyatt Family wrestlers. The episode ends with his house being invaded.

Hogan in Cena's Apartment- The next major Cena appearance is in this episode. Cameramen film what happens when Hulk Hogan stays a night at Cena's apartment, which later becomes the Second Wing studio.

The Pawn Shop Episode- John Cena appears in a segment of the episode where Eric Cartman attempts to shoplift. He defeats Cartman with his John Cena Time technique.

Trivia Edit

  • Cena has a history of being scheduled to debut in later-cancelled episodes. He finally got his spotlight in RE: The Wyatt Family, however.
  • In an exclusive interview, Cena stated that his favorite food is anything from the Sonic fast food chain.
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