"Let me TELL you something, brother! You're done. Also, first things first..."- Human Hogan before briefly attacking Wario

Human Hogan is the form that which Hulk Hogan undertakes upon correctly impaling himself with the Voodoo Katana. It is the result of a chain reaction involving the dark energy brought by the Voodoo Katana with that of the holy energy of the Hogan Cubes that reside within him.

Lore Edit

The Human Hogan form was Hulk Hogan's trump card that Hillbilly Jim had prepared for the upcoming battle against the NWO. It can only be triggered by the joining of the two most powerful forces of divinity and darkness: the Hogan Cubes and the Voodoo Katana (a ceremonial object imbued by Hillbilly Jim with highly refined Voodoo). Thus, only Hulk Hogan would have been able to access the form, and while it bears great resemblance to that of Human NWO Hogan, it is quite different by means of obtainment.

Human Hogan can be seen as the true advancement of Hoodie Hogan and all of its derivatives. At the cost of Voodoo spellcasting, Human Hogan is granted extreme power and durability due to his absorption of the Voodoo energy.

Abilities Edit

Enhanced Physical Strength Edit

Human Hogan wields tremendous physical strength in comparison to all previous forms. He had been shown to deal significant damage to the seemingly untouchable Human NWO Hogan and was even able to lift and throw his enemy through a makeshift table.

Enhanced Wrestling Dexterity Edit

Human Hogan has shown a greater amount of technique in hand-to-hand combat.

Enhanced Aura Edit

Human Hogan can manifest an extremely condensed field of golden aura around him, which appears harmful as NWO Hogan cautiously backed away from it.

Techniques Edit

Big Boot- A strong, front kick Hulk Hogan utilizes to both deal damage and drive the enemy backwards.

Leg Drop- The finishing move of Hulk Hogan, made iconic by countless uses throughout decades upon decades. Hogan takes a leap and lands on his target with a crushing drop of his leg. Human Hogan's leg drop rendered Human NWO Hogan incapacitated and dead shortly after. Snake Hogan- Human Hogan is able to detach and adjust the bones in his body to grant a "slithery" movement enhancement, allowing him to proceed up unclimbable surfaces. Human Hogan became 'Snake Hogan' in order to quickly close the distance between him and NWO Hogan, who hurriedly proceeded into the attic.

Notable Appearances Edit

Secret of the Hogan Cubes Edit

After multiple botched attempts at transforming, Hulk Hogan was finally able to become Human Hogan in time to fight back against Human NWO Hogan. By utilizing the form's full power, Human Hogan was successful in defeating his Dark Universe counterpart, but fainted after victory and reverted.

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