Hulk Hogan Meets Hornswoggle is the first uploaded video of the ShadowSwine54 show and canonically the second episode in the series timeline. Despite being second the episode of the Hogan Cubes Arc, it serves as the pilot episode.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Hulk Hogan drinking an iced tea he got from a McDonald's fast food restaurant. He states he has a guest that came over, which happens to be a deranged leprechaun who goes by the name and identity of Hornswoggle, the WWE wrestler.

Soon after Hornswoggle comes onto the screen, Hulk Hogan attempts to make conversation with the leprechaun. Hornswoggle begins to loudly grunt and tackles the hulkster to the floor. The two duke it out while the camera focuses on the table. After 30 seconds of wrestling Hornswoggle on the floor, Hulk Hogan triumphantly stands up, saying "I think he's done". Only mere seconds after subduing the psychotic leprechaun, a projectile moving at extreme speed strikes Hulk Hogan, who collapses. The video ends.

Hornswoggle had tackled Hulk Hogan to shield him from the aim of The Shooter, who was spotted by the leprechaun in the background. Due to him being partially inarticulate, Hornswoggle was misunderstood by Hulk Hogan, who interpreted the tackle as an attack on him. Naturally, after getting out of cover, Hulk Hogan was shot.


The exact moment in which Hulk Hogan is shot.

Reception Edit

The pilot episode was poorly received universally. Though it is one of the most viewed episodes, it was criticized for its poor camera use, debatable voice acting, and laughably bad puppeting. Without the context from later episodes, Hulk Hogan Meets Hornswoggle is incomprehensible.

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of the only three episodes where Hulk Hogan is voiced by staff member Hermit.
  • Birthday Bear is spottable in the background, but he did not make his full debut until The Wrath of Stone Cold.
  • The prop for the bullet that incapacitated Hulk Hogan was Hornswoggle's hat.
  • This episode is the first uploaded video of the channel.
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