Hulk Hogan Endorses #MeToo is an episode of ShadowSwine54's YouTube series.

Plot Edit

Introduction Edit

Hulk Hogan depressingly remarks that he is living in agony once again as part of his daily ritual. He opens his door to the sight of Wario and Darth Vader lounging on his couch, which angers the hulkster. He cannot trust the two of them to be present in his room while he leaves for a court session, so Hogan calls Willie Nelson over to keep an eye on the couple.

The Raping of Willie Nelson Edit

Willie attempts to control the couple in order to keep them from performing any acts that would otherwise desecrate Hulk Hogan's room, but Wario and Vader do not take his orders seriously. Instead, Wario sniffs Willie Nelson's face and attempts to seduce him into performing homosexual acts. Darth Vader grows increasingly aroused while Wario agrees to show Willie Nelson the 'ways' of the couple. They initiate a violent session of rape.

Willie is left completely traumatized. He is unable to move and/or speak until Hulk Hogan returns and attempts to comfort him. After realizing what had happened to Willie Nelson, Hogan angrily calls out for Wario and Darth Vader.

Hulk Hogan V.S. Darth Vader Edit

Hulk Hogan approaches the homosexual couple while they are in the process of raunchily fornicating. He throws Wario to the ground and knocks a chair over onto him. Darth Vader attempts to quell the hulkster's rampage, but he is led into the kitchen. Hulk Hogan retrieves an elongated kitchen knife and violently plunges it into Darth Vader's rectum multiple times. He then forcefully pulls the knife out and uses it to slit Vader's throat.

Hulk Hogan V.S. Wario Edit

Hogan returns, this time ready to finish off Wario. He grabs Wario and reaches for a belt. Using the belt as a noose, Hulk Hogan mercilessly hangs Wario, who is seen dangling from the ceiling in the next scene over.

Condemning Rape Edit

Hulk Hogan then faces the camera and speaks out against sexual harassment and rape. He instructs any victims to contact the police.

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