Hulk Hogan Does Voodoo is an episode of ShadowSwine54's YouTube series. The episode contains the introduction of many new subjects, such as the first use of Voodoo and The Rock's first appearance.

Plot Edit

Prologue Edit

The episode opens up with a recording of Hulk Hogan after the episode was filmed. He is explaining to the audience that voodoo is not something you want to get mixed up in. Willie Nelson infiltrates the scene, but is shooed away.

The Package Edit

As per usual, Hogan is bragging to Willie Nelson about his body slamming of Andre the Giant but is interrupted this time with the ringing of the doorbell. He retrieves his package and throws Willie out of the room in order to show the audience what lies within the box. He reveals to the camera a kit of voodoo-related utensils, such as a spell book, a heart necklace (which is later known as the Voodoo-Heart), and Gill Man.

War in the Household Edit

John Cena and Willie Nelson grow suspicious of what Hulk Hogan is hiding from them, so Cena busts the door down to the shocking sight of Hogan performing voodoo. Hulk Hogan panics and assaults Cena with a heavy dose of Telekinetic Voodoo, driving him into a shelf and burying the champ with heavy books.

Darth Vader comes into the scene with Willie as they observe Cena get utterly defeated. The two agree to stop Hogan's reign of terror, but are hit with an even bigger blast of Telekinetic Voodoo than before.

Sin Cara wakes up from all the noise and comes face to face with an extremely demented Hulk Hogan, who is corrupted by the voodoo due to his lack of ability to wield it properly. Hogan notes that he didn't realize Sin Cara was sleeping so soundly and offers to put him back to sleep with his newfound power. The luchador is sent flying and gets knocked unconscious.

The Rock's Debut Edit

Hulk Hogan has reached the point of insanity. The Voodoo Heart constricts his head even further and it seems the hulkster is being slowly sapped of life. The sun's heat combined with his overexertion of aura had worn the hulkster down to the point where is voodoo began to weaken. Suddenly, a new face enters the scene: The Rock. He introduces himself and explains that ShadowSwine54 is a refuge for dolls and Hogan is endangering them. Not willing to take any opposition, Hulk Hogan flings Sin Cara's shoe at Dwayne via voodoo. The Rock attempts to get through to Hulk Hogan by telling him that the voodoo has taken over his body. The hulkster refuses to submit, so he is stunned with a Rock Bottom and stripped of the Voodoo Heart. The Rock then disposes of the heart and commands Hogan to apologize to all of the household members he attacked. Hulk Hogan proceeds to apologize to each of his friends whom he voodooed previously, all of which (though disgruntled) forgive him. Wolverine enters the house at the last minute, exclaiming "What'd I miss?".

Reception Edit

The Crew reached a consensus that the episode was great, but fell in quality towards the end due to The Rock's unnecessarily long monologue. They later forgave this scene, as it is reminiscent of The Rock's real life ego.

Trivia Edit

  • Voodoo is first used in this episode, but it was first attempted in A Feen is Born, where Wolverine tried to use Telekinetic Voodoo to take Feen from Hogan.
  • The Rock's drawn-out speech was abridged with editing in 2015.
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