"Get fit like Hogan, brother!"

Hulk Hogan is the main protagonist of the ShadowSwine54 series. He has appeared in almost every single episode.  


Hulk Hogan is a former wrestler who was once signed under WCW, WWE, and TNA. He now resides in an isolated apartment and lives alongside his friends and enemies, where they encounter wacky situations on a daily basis.

After his wrestling career went down the drain due to unspecified controversy, the hulkster lost most of his money and was forced to crash at an apartment. In order to not wind up on the streets, he decided to make a web show and profit off of it. The show earned the name of ShadowSwine54. He managed to get in contact with some old friends like Stone Cold, Rey Mysterio, and Hornswoggle. All went well until the first episode, where there was an assassination attempt on Hogan that rendered him nearly dead. Since the incident Hulk Hogan and his buddies work to uncover the secrets of The Hogan Cubes that transform him into the powerful Hoodie Hogan, and they strive to defeat his multiverse enemy NWO Hogan alongside his evil associates.


Hulk Hogan is a violent and forceful person, using his muscle and wrestling experience to his advantage in confrontations. In his base form, he is powerful enough to hold his own against most non-hoodie characters, but Hogan is by no means an overwhelmingly powerful character.

Leg Drop- The hulkster's signature move. This attack, when used, takes out most enemies. If timed correctly, it can even take out much more powerful characters, and in one instance, the Texas rattlesnake Stone Cold fell victim to it.

Hoodievolving- Hulk Hogan possesses the ability to manifest a host and assume a hoodie form, granting him an unspeakable power boost. At first he needed Sonic to deliver the cubes to him in order to make contact with them, but it was explained that he can become Hoodie Hogan at will after absorbing the cubes through unnamed methods.

Voodoo- After ordering a Voodoo kit from Hillbilly Jim, Hulk Hogan has trained in the art of dark magic and will use the power if he deems it necessary.

Notable Episodes Edit

Being the main character, Hulk Hogan has the highest record of appearances in episodes, most of which are significant. He has appeared in almost every episode of Hulk Hogan Adventures, and even a few Second Wing episodes.

Trivia Edit

  • Hulk Hogan's personality is unintentionally the embodiment of the 7 deadly sins.
  • In Rise of the Alliance Part 2 , Hogan claims he swallowed the Hogan Cubes. This is a dubbing error. He meant to say Sonic gave him a baggie to hold the cubes should he ever need them whenever the hedgehog isn't around.
  • It is later retconned and incorporated into the plot that he absorbed the cubes into his body, allowing him to transform at will in Hulk Hogan Thanks His Fans.
  • In an exclusive interview, Hulk Hogan claims his favorite meal is Pizza. He dislikes cottage cheese.