Hosts are bizarre extraterrestrial beings that are summoned into the universe of ShadowSwine54. There is not much known about Hosts nor their intention in the human realm, but they are generally understood to be beings of transcended existence. 

Lore Edit

Hosts exist somewhere in the realm outside of the one Hulk Hogan and his friends reside in. They are intelligent yet animalistic beings incapable of communication. Tall and uncanny, Hosts resemble humans clad in hooded outerwear. It is believed the hood of their jackets acts as the head of the Hosts. They lack faces, however.


When a character capable of Hoodievolving makes contact with a Hoodievolution Catalyst, they assume a "hoodie" form. The process in which the catalyst merges with the person's spiritual energy leads to a chain reaction that results in a Host being pulled from its realm and becoming the base of the assumed hoodie form through an interdimensional rift. A symbiotic relationship is established between the Host and the hoodievolver in which both operate as one. 


Hosts are, by nature, very unpredictable and precarious in behavior. However, through the merging with a hoodievolver via the use of a catalyst, they can become "domesticated" and cooperative. A forced ejection of the hoodievolver from their Host will cause the Host to revert to its primal disposition, an event that can result in major destruction if not diffused properly. 

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